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Nykoraptors are fictional dinosaurs and recurring villains in the TV Terra Nova.


The Runaway

After Jim stepped into a Sixer rope snare, a Nykoraptor finds him and tries to devour him. However, the Sixers arrive and shot him away.



In this episode, Tim Curran intentionally trapped a Nykoraptor inside a communications post in order to make him killed a member of the security team named Foster. The dinosaur succeeds to kill and devour Foster, but he also swallows his tag, which makes him become the target of Taylor's men. He was eventually captured, but not killed, and his stomach contents is then removed.


After Maddy and Reynolds climbed in a tree, two Nykoraptors pass beneath them.


In this episode, Lucas reveals that the two scars on his neck area were caused by a Nykoraptor.

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