is a villain from the Japanese visual novel, anime and manga series Utawarerumono.

Nuwangi serves his father and uncle who rule the nation of Kenashikourupe by collecting taxes; he is also a childhood friend of Eruruu's.  When he stops by her village to collect taxes, he tries to take her to live with him and she refuses. Nuwangi keeps pestering her into it until a masked man (who is later named Hakuoro) stops him. In his anger at Hakuoro he destroys a shrine, causing Mutikapa to attack villagers.

When he returns to the village with his father they are looking for a thief that stole the food that was used as tax payments, and orders the soldiers to restrain Tusukuru and his father. His laughter at their misfortune makes Aruruu throw a stone at his father in reply, and a soldier tries to attack her for her action. Nuwangi  orders the soldier to stand down, but the man refuses to listen.and does not listen. Tusukuru shields Aruruu from the attack, dying shortly after. A shocked Nuwangi claims innocence and non involvement in the incident. The event causes the village to declare war on the leadership and his father is killed by Hakuoro. After a while he rejoins his uncle, the current emperor of Kenashikourupe, and attacks a village. He then is captured by rebels led by Hakuoro. Hakuoro lets Eruruu decide Nuwangi's fate and she chooses to let him go; he is never heard from again.

Videogame appearance

Nuwangi appeared in the PC (also on the PS2/PSP)  videogame Utawarerumono, based on the VN and anime series. He is a soldier that restrains Hakuoro and blackmails Eruruu to live with him under the threat of raising the taxes in her village. He kills his father for insulting him and his mother. Like the original series, his involvement in an attack on a village leads to Hakuoro capturing him, and letting Eruruu choose a suitable punishment for his crimes. The ending concludes his story differently, however, with his realisation of greed having corrupted him cut short when he is killed by bandits.