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Nutcracker is one of villains of Tokyo Ghoul:rE.


She is sadstic and cold blooded ghoul who obbession with beauty as child when she sees fashion show. She along with Big Madam and Uta for human trafficking of ghouls and humans for the meal include cruising men's testicles and drinking of the fluids. When Haise and his team assigned along with Juuzou Suzuya to bring down Nutcracker down. Nutcracker was seen by wearing ligrage taunted Onix Squpid by relaved that she murdered the man. at Auction where one of the agnets - Mutsuki posed as human trafficking victim. She goes to fetch Mutsuki and drags him onto stage to be sold and CCG raided it. The Nutcracker attempted escaped with Mutsuki and she ambushes several Investigators include a woman whom Nutcracker remined of a beutay of face as they enter the room and killed them.