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Nurse is minor character from Incredible Hulk series.


Nurse was working in USA army hospital. She was regularly helping different doctors there. Her life went on as usual until one day. Once, a woman monster, calling herself Hybrid, came in the hospital for General Ross. But this monster could get closer to his room, as other people could see her and call guard, so Hybrid decided to possess someone, who works in hospital. First person she saw was a concrete nusre and Hybrid possessed her in the minute. Hybrid became invisible inside of nurse's body, except of her glowing red eyes.

After possessing nurse, Hybrid was waiting for a moment when whe could go inside of General Ross's room, when general's daugther, Betty Ross would leave the room and possess general. Right after Betty left the room, Hybrid, inside of nurse's body went in the room. Then, her body became to glow green and Hybrid left her through face. After that, nurse was useless and she fell unconscinous. 


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