Numemon are characters/villains in Digimon Adventure and Digimon Data Squad.


Numemon is a Champion Level Digimon that resemebles a green slug with purple spots and eyeballs on stalks.

Digimon Adventure

The DigiDestined encountered the Numemon in the sewers after making it out of the factory that Andromon was in. They set some traps inm which they hid inside some fake vending machines. One of them acculate tried to get a date with Mimi, but failed. The Numemon chased them, leading each of the DigiDestined into Monzaemon which scared the Numemon away. They tried to help Mimi to fight Monzaemon but all of them got easily Defeated. Numemon were also seen on board Kokatorimon's Ship. After he was defeated all the Numemon ran away before they got in trouble. Later on, several Numemon worked as slaves for WaruMonzaemon. After WaruMonzaemon was defeated, the Numemon worshiped Kari as their queen. During the battle with Machinedramon, the Numemon gathered on his body, but Machinedramon killed them all.

Digimon Data Squad

When Marcus, Agumon, Yoshi, Lalamon, Thomas, and Gaomon encountered a Numemon fleeing into the sewers they fought it. Lalamon defeated Numemon and revert it back to a digital egg. Doing so created a nightmare created by MetalPhantomon. This caused Marcus to fight multiplying Numemon while a Drimogemon was running off with his sister, Kristy. Later on, during a flashback, Kudamon killed a Numemon.


  • Nume-Sludge
  • Bomber
  • Smash