Nuke is the sixth member of the supervillain team, the Squadron Supreme. Nothing is known of Nuke's past prior to the destruction of his home planet, other than him being a member of the Squadron Squadron and who ultimately died before it was destroyed. He was later revived by Nighthawk to serve as a back power supply for Hyperion.


  • Nuke being betrayed by Nighthawk is similar to how Tirek betrayed Discord In My Little Pony Frienship Is Magic but unlike Discord who redeemed himself in the end, Nuke was sent to prison along with his Squadron peers.
  • There was a hint to Nuke's arrival during the episode "Spectrums". When the rest of the Avengers are searching for a clue to Nighthawk's plan, in the citadel during their search you can see a door with the same symbol as Nuke's belt.
  • Nuke is a pastiche of DC's Firestorm