Nozama Pharamcy is an evil corporation in Kamen Rider Amazons. The company is a major pharmaceutical manufacturer and is experimenting to create artificial life using their patented Amazon Cells. After the breakout of their 4,000 test subjects 2 years ago in 2013, the company has tried to cover up their blunder by creating an exterminator service called the Nozama Peston Service to slaughter all of the test subjects.

While the exact purpose for using the Amazon Cells is not clearly stated yet by their officials, it is implied by Jin Takayama that they are going to be used for military based applications for the Japanese Government due to Internet reports of sightings and attacks by Amazonz by civilians being deleted by government cyber security officials.

There also seems to be a conflict of interest within the company, as some of the executives have their own agendas and sometimes try to undermine each other. Some seeking to make new mass produced Amazonz to hunt the obsolete models while others seek to kill all of them, with their president Takaaki Tenjo wanting them to survive to see a "man-made ecology" take place. (Takaaki's sanity is called into question during the last moments of Season 1 as he reveals he staged the escape of the Amazonz to use the city as a "testing ground" for them.)

The company has successfully wiped out two-thirds of the Amazonz during Operation Tlaloc, a genocidal operation that slaughtered 3,000 of the Amazonz using a toxic gas that was made by mixing a chemical agent with rain water dispersed by drones to horribly burn and disintegrate them, but the gas had no effect on humans to cover up the event as nothing but a natural fog caused by the rain.

Employees and staff

  • Takaaki Tenjo - President
  • Yugo Tachibana - Director of International Marketing
  • Reika Mizuzsawa - Chief Executive of Research and Devlopment
  • Shogo Kano - Mrs. Mizusawa's secretary
  • Jin Takayama - Lab Researcher for the Amazons Project (Former employee)