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Noumori is at first the vice-principal, and then is appointed as the new principal, of Kousei Academy for Girls in the hentai anime, Kurutta Kyoutou: Danzai no Gakuen (Crazy Vice Principal Condemned Academy) where he ends up serving as the chief and main antagonist.

After the prior principal is ousted due to a sex scandal with students, Noumori is reluctantly thrust into the role by the Academy's demanding chairman. Nervous and weak-willed, his few attempts at mild discipline reform fall flat against student resistance and the efforts of landed connected students to simply brush him off. He becomes fearful of losing his job and word of the scandal with his predecessor getting out when students begin to leave or be withdrawn by their parents. He is also transfixed by the recordings his predecessor made of his relations with students, and begins to fantasize about doing this himself, including one embarrassing incident with a school pet when he's caught up in imagining. Finally becoming so fearful of losing his job and consumed by his pent-up sex desires that he snaps, open defiance and questioning by students at the all-female academy causes him to round up every last violator of school comportment rules, which at one point seems like most of the girls there. His mind breaking entirely, he goes so far as to tear clothes off of girls whose clothing is not regulation, and empowers his staff to do the same. Assembled in the gymnasium, the girls are then told they would be checked for virginity, which quickly devolves into a mass rape scene, albeit played up as an orgy like hentai pieces often do, very suddenly putting the unwillingness of the girls into question. By the series' end, Noumori is holed up in the boarded up school, armed and awaiting those sent in to stop him, his sanity long gone.

Like many hentai, the plot enables the ridiculous and extreme actions of the antagonist and his followers. Actions that in any culture, even one tending towards obedience, that would have armed squads and angry parents flocking in are implied to only do this after a long while. The villains and henchmen (some of whom are women, and permit this to occur out of contempt for the students) are bolder than they might be, and the targeted/victims too compliant to whatever demands are made. Noumori's path from nervous bureaucrat to casual rapist is very rapid.


He has gray hair, is showing early wrinkles, and wears glasses, clothed in a gray business suit. He alternates between a confused look and an angry one until he breaks down mentally and morally, looking more and more crazed.


He is strict.