Notsugo: The most brutal of Makamou, a scorpion with stag beetle pincers in place of claws and a spider's face. The Notsugo is able to fire needles from its stinger, and was nearly invincible except for its mouth, though a sacrifice is needed to hit it at its weak point. It appears every decade, last appearing as Shuki's final opponent, whom she swore to kill for murdering her parents a decade earlier. She attempted to hit its weak spot, resulting Zanki being mortally wounded and her being banned as Notsubo went into hiding.

Ten years later, the Notsubo resurfaces at Nagatoro, feeding on humans. It evaded Sabaki and later fought Todoroki and Armed Hibiki until Shuki arrives to finish her decade fight, until the Notsubo escaped yet again. It would later appear again and pursued Akira, close to eating her as Shuki intended. But Zanki resumed his Oni form to save Akira, only for the Notsugo to eat Shuki. However, Shuki managed to get her revenge, fatally wounding herself to incapitate the monster for an enraged Zanki to finish off with his Raiden Zanshin.