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Nothing is a villainous material in The Keys to the Kingdom series. It is dangerous, for it can harm many creatures, even denizens. However, it is also a material for magic and making tools. Nothing can merge into Nitlings, the dangerous creatures that free from time and space.

List of Nitlings

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Bibliophages are a kind of villainous creature appear in The Keys to the Kingdom series. They are Snake-like Nithlings used by Mister Monday to defend his Dayroom from the first part of the Will. Bibliophages spit acid-like venom at anything with text or type on it. These Nithlings were especially lethal to the parts of the Will, as the Will was composed entirely of text. Aside from their venom, they appear to be harmless; the name "Bibliophage", which means "Book Eater", implies that the dissolution of text is the sole purpose for their creation. They almost destroy Monday when Suzy writes on him, but themselves are destroyed by Arthur.

Captain Elishar Feverfew (sort of)

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Several Fetchers are about to attack Arthur from behind.

Fetchers are a low-level Nithling. They are easily summoned using very basic magic available to higher-level Denizens, and certainly Superior Denizens. They cannot cross a threshold without permission, nor can they be allowed to wear wings or bear weapons. They are easily dismissed by salt or silver, and when salt or silver touches them, they dissolve into a black-tar like substance.


A Scoucher is a particularly unpleasant type of Nithlings that issues from the narrowest of cracks and fractures, resulting in its very thin shape. They may take a variety of shapes; however, they always have many limbs that end in very fine tentacles. These tentacles are lined with tiny but very sharp teeth. They have a weakness to silver, ruthenium, rhodium, palladium, osmium, iridium, and platinum. One of them starts chasing Arthur in Grim Tuesday, but Arthur flees to Leaf's house for shelter. Leaf, after she gets cut by it, helps Arthur destroy it.

The second Scoucher appears when one of the Tuesday's Seven Grotesques pour nothing into his machine. It is killed when the Grotesque throw his silver ring to it.

Skinless Boy

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Sunday's Insects

Sunday's insects are the guards of Lord Sunday's demense, the Incomparable Gardens. They make up the majority of his forces in the assault by Superior Saturday and the Piper. Some of these insects include guard stag beetles, giant ridden dragonfly and air force wasps.