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The Not-So-Goodie-Mob
Und of course, the Not-So-Goodie-Mob. They put "rhyme" into "cryme"!
~ Casanova Frankenstein about the Not So Goodie Mob.

The Not So Goodie Mob (also spelled Not-So-Goodie-Mob), also known as the Not So Goody Mob (also spelled Not-So-Goody Mob) are an elite criminal gang of black men that are one of the dangerous criminal organizations that Champion City ever known. They are one of the villainous factions in the 1998 superhero comedy movie Mystery Men which is loosely based on the loosely based on Flaming Carrot Comics by cartoonist Bob Burden.

They are portrayed by the rap group Goodie Mob featuring C-LO Green as the leader of the hip-hop street gang.

This hip-hip-styled organization was present among other supervillain-esque mobs affiliated with the evil genius Casanova Frankenstein at a party in his mansion, celebrating the later execution of Captain Amazing via the Psycho-frakulator.

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