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The main antagonist of CatDog episode CatDogula. He is an obese vampire tick who is the leader of the Peruvian Vampire Ticks.


He terrorizes Nearburg by threatening to drain the blood from the citizens and transform them into vampires. Dog is the first to become a vampire, and then the angry mobs (such as Greaser Dogs, Rancid Rabbit, Randolph Grant, Mervis, Dunglap, Mr. Sunshine) and Lola Caricola. They seek to get Cat, who found the abandoned garlic juice factory. When the Garlic Juice poured on Nosferacho and his minion, they are turned into regular ticks, but Nosferacho and his minion can still suck blood.


  • Nosferacho's name is a parody of the famous vampire, Nosferatu.

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