Nosferacho is the main villain of the CatDog Halloween special "CatDogula". He is an obese vampire tick who is the leader of the peruvian vampire ticks. He threatening to drain the blood from the citizens and transform them into vampires.


When CatDog walk through graveyard, the ticks bites Dog and turns into a vampire, and they tries to bite Cat, but when they see garlic around Cat's neck, and Nosferacho decided to get him later and finds another target.

When CatDog and Lola flies out of the tree home, the angry mob chases after them, but Nosferacho claims Dog as his minion and hypnotized him. Then Dog turns into a bat and flies away with Cat, and the ticks bites the Greasers who become vampires, the angry mobs retreats and the ticks chases after them.

When CatDog are at the abandoned garlic factory, Nosferachu and his Nearburg resident vampires spotted CatDog and Lola, and Lola distracts them and Nosferacho and his minion goes after Lola and she got turned into a vampire. In the garlic factory, Cat gets chased by Lola and hides in the attic, and Nosferacho and his minions caught Cat and tries to bite Cat, but Cat escapes out the window founds the giant garlic atop the factory. Then Cat accidentally let the garlic fall down through the building and Nosferacho roars at Cat, knocking CatDog down. Then Cat found the garlic on the machine that turns to juice, and powers it on. Cat calls the vampires while the garlic starts to pour, and the vampires comes and Nosferacho told his minion to wait and wants to bite Cat himself. When Dog wakes up, he toss Nosferacho and tells him that no one turns his best friend into a vampire except for Dog, and the vampire encourages Dog to bite Cat as he tries to. When the garlic juice is about to pour, the machine got turned off when Lube trips over the cord, and he apologizes and plugs it in, much to the fear of the vampires. The garlic juice finally poured on the vampires turning them to normal, and Nosferacho and his minions are now regular tick, but they can still suck blood and leaves.


  • Nosferacho's name is a parody of the famous vampire Nosferatu.