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Nos-4-A2 was a villain who appeared in Buzz Lightyear of Star Command. He was a robot vamipre created by Emperor Zurg as a way to defeat his nemesis Buzz Lightyear.

He was voiced by Craig Ferguson.


Nos-4-A2 first appeared in the episode "NOS-4-A2", where he was mistaken for a cargo ship by Team Lightyear and brought over to Star Command, as part of Zurg's plan to take down Star Command. There, Nos-4-A2 emerged and attempted to take over Star Command, but XR manages to drain the vampire's energy, allowing Star Command to take Nos-4-A2 into custody. However, in "The Slayer", he escapes to Tradeworld, where he plans on getting revenge on XR for foiling his plot, though this too failed as well.

In "Wirewolf", Nos-4-A2 cross path with Space Ranger Ty Parsec and bites him, turning Ty into Wirewolf. In "Revenge of the Monsters", he recruited XL on his new plot to take over the universe by turning everyone into Wirewolves. To that end, Nos-4-A2 betrays Zurg by usurping control of Planet Z and turning all of Zurg's army of Hornets into Vampire Hornets. He then kidnaps Wirewolf as a means to use him to turn everyone in the galaxy into Wirewolves for himself to snack on. He was later defeated when Wirewolf turned against him, where he was impaled and exploded to his death while screaming.

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