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North Wind (Legend of the North Wind)

The North Wind is the main antagonist of the Basque animated film "The Legend of the North Wind", its animated series of the same name, and the sequel "The Return of the North Wind". He is a human who can turn into a mythical entity and is eventually a cryomancer in which two children Ane and Elliot must defeat to achieve his purpose. Originally, he is voiced by Kepa Cueto in the Basque language version and Gonzalo Durán in the Spanish version. However, in the English dub, he is voiced by Terrence Scammell in the first film and the sequel.


He is very despicable towards the protagonists of the film Ane and Elliot, along with Balli the whale, and the descendants of the Basque sailors and the descendants of the Mi'kmaq natives and Basque sailors using his cryokinetic powers. Notorious after being freed from the pot, the North Wind uses his cryokinetic powers to freeze the town of Newfoundland in Canada. Also, one of his most despicable plans is when has has the pirate captain Barnaby to aid him on his quest to prevent the children from interfering with him.

Physical Appearance

The North Wind has white skin which has a resemblance to an Inuit's coat and has light blue eyes without pupils.


The Legend of the North Wind

Released from a pot by a notorious person named Athanasius on the San Juan ship, the North Wind begins to gain mythical powers to become stronger, thanks to the effort shared by the Basque sailors Mi'kmaq natives who were the main cause of freeing him. After Ane and Elliot discovered what has happened, they get assisted by an Inuit boy named Watuna, in which he tells him to find a way to seal the powers of the powerful North Wind. Because Ane and Elliot are the only children under the care of Martin and Captain Galar, the North Wind has an assistant named "Captain Barnaby", a pirate captain and the secondary antagonist of the film to aide him on his quest and prevent the children from capturing him to save the town of Newfoundland. With the help of the Sea, the children are asked to find ways to defeat the North Wind. The North Wind is then sealed in a pot which is carried safely to a totem pole that lives near the Mi'kmaq natives to prevent him from being freed again.

The Return of the North Wind

The North Wind makes a reappearance as the main antagonist of the sequel. This time, he is freed from the pot again (which is the same one from the first film) by Athanasius. In this sequel, the Sea tells the protagonists Ane and Elliot that the North Wind has been stronger and has escaped from his vase the second time. She then tells the two that the North Wind's major weakness is fire, which is the only way to destroy the North wind. The fire also must not be extinguished or the eternal ice will not be melted. Refusing to extinguish their fire in bed in a nightmarish illusion, Martin then becomes the North Wind after refusing to extinguish the fire that is required to destroy the North Wind. To stop the North Wind, Ane and Elliot bring the fire in order to face him and free the town of Newfoundland from a massive ice storm. Upon using the fire, the North Wind begins eroding from his weakness and then is finally destroyed and thus freeing Newfoundland from the eternal winter.

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