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Admiral James Norrington

Commadore James Norrington is a character in the Pirates of the Caribbean series. He is an anti-hero in the Black Pearl, the quaternary antagonist in Dead Man's Chest and an anti-villain in At World's End.


He was an officer of the British Royal Navy and the East India Trading Company. Bewigged and resplendent in his uniforms, Norrington owed his allegiance to King George II.

Norrington took pride in his service to others before himself, showing a strong dedication to the law, until the occasions of pursuing the right course that demanded acts of piracy.

Over the years, Norrington would achieve many ranks while serving in the Royal Navy, while at the same time becoming the scourge of piracy in the eastern Caribbean. Norrington was a lieutenant serving aboard the HMS Dauntless, which carried Governor Weatherby Swann and his daughter Elizabeth in the crossing from England. Loyal service to His Majesty the King had brought James Norrington respect and status. As captain of HMS Interceptor, Norrington had chased and captured some of the Caribbean's most fearsome pirates. Through Norrington's efforts, Port Royal became a civilized British settlement.

Because of those efforts, Norrington was eventually promoted from captain to commodore of the British Naval Fleet. To mark his promotion, Norrington was given a new sword by Governor Swann.

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