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"Your bogus ingenuousness is straining my equanimity."
"Could you put that another way?"
"You're pissing me off."
— Norman Saint Sauvage and Maxwell Smart

Norman Saint Sauvage (left) Nino Salvatori Sebastiani (right)

Norman Saint ("Saune") Sauvage is the main villain of the Maxwell Smart movie, The Nude Bomb.

A KAOS designer and a clone of Nino Salvatori Sebastiani. In creating the Nude Bomb, he also perfected instant cloning, creating Norman Saint Sauvage. Then an explosion occurred in Sebastiani's lab. As a result, the original lost his eye, his arm, and his leg, and he became more disgruntled. Sebastiani wanted to drop the Nude Bombs and hold the world for ransom. But Sauvage was only interested in becoming the only source of clothing in the world.

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