This isn't how I imagined I'd die, looking at my son and seeing a stranger.
~ Norman Osborn talking to Harry.

Norman Osborn is a minor antagonist in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. He is the CEO and founder of Oscorp Industries and father of Harry Osborn.

He was played by Chris Cooper.


In The Amazing Spider-Man, Norman Osborn's existence is revealed via intercharacter dialogue and the presence of Oscorp Industries. Early in the film, he is shown as a vague silhouette on a monitor in the Oscorp lobby, referencing him as the company's founder. Humorously, his silhouette is shown holding an orange globe of the company's logo, a subtle reference to his goblin bombs. It is mentioned that he has been afflicted by an illness, which is the catalyst for Dr. Curt Connors' development of the regenerative serum. Osborn is never seen in person, however, but is mentioned several times. In the film, Dr. Rajit Ratha had pressured Dr. Connors to develop an antidote that will cure Osborn of a rare but deadly disease. Connors, thinking that there is too much risk, refuses to do so, and Ratha fires him as a result.

Little is known of Norman Osborn, other than that he had a debilitating disease called 'Retroviral Hypodisplasia' which eventually killed him. Dr. Connors' and Dr. Ratha's experiments with lizard DNA were an unsuccessful attempts to cure him, until Connors used the serum on himself, transforming into the monstrous Lizard. After the Lizard was defeated (for the first time), Connors and Ratha quit their works, and Connors was thrown into a mental institute.

In The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Norman's son, Harry, returns after years away in boarding school and visits him in the hospital, where by this point Norman is in extremely poor health. Because of his disease Norman has greenish skin and his fingernails turned into claws. Norman explains to Harry that his illness is genetic, and that he is at the right age where it begins to show. Before he dies, Norman gives Harry a device saying that it is his life's work. The next day, it is reported that Norman had passed away.

Later it is revealed that Norman Osborn worked along with Peter Parker's father, Richard. When Richard tried to destroy his work and escape with his wife, Mary, Norman sent his man after them to kill them.


  • For unknown reasons Chris Cooper wasn't credited for his appearance as Norman in The Amazing Spider-Man 2.
  • There was a post-credits scene in The Amazing Spider Man 2 but it was deleted from the final cut. The scene shows Gustav Fiers walking through the Special Projects and going to Door 3. There, you can see Norman Osborn's frozen head. Gustav says "Wake up my friend" and Norman opens his eyes. Also, when Norman passes away, you see the nurses rushing in to cover up his body. One of the nurses is pushing a rack with a jar on it. That could be the jar where Norman's frozen head was placed.
  • Osborn, in other Spider-Man media, takes on the identity of the Green Goblin, a famous Spider-Man villain. However in this universe its his son Harry who first takes on the identity of the Green Goblin.
    • It is rumoured that Norman may come back as the Ultimate incarnation of the Green Goblin.
    • Even though Norman doesn't become a Green Goblin in this universe, he is still a villain since he is a corrupt businessman who sent his man to kill two people, and also wanted to discredit Richard Parker.
  • This is first version of Norman Osborn that never interacts with Spider-Man.
  • Chris Cooper had stated that Norman's appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 would be the introduction to the character, and a return in The Amazing Spider-Man 3 would be on the cards.
    • Marc Webb confirmed that Norman would appear in The Sinister Six film. However as the Spider-Man franchise was rebooted in order to be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this version of Norman Osborn is not a part of that continuity.


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