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Norman Deek's Williamson's right-hand man. In other words, a glorified errand boy. (John Marston: Bill's standards have slipped.) Deek's the kind of man who's mean enough to be second-in-command, but too cowardly and stupid to ever be a leader.
~ Marshal Leigh Johnson to John Marston about Norman Deek.
Norman Deek is a minor villain in Red Dead Redemption. He is Bill Williamson's second in command among the outlaw gang at Fort Mercer.

After investigating various massacres around the frontier near Ridgewood Farm, John Marston, Marshal Leigh Johnson and his deputies Eli and Jonah followed the road which led towards Fort Mercer. Bill Williamson had a verbal stand off with John but the posse was then ambushed by Bill's gang including Norman. John and the police force were able to gun down the gang and arrest Norman but Bill escaped.

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