Norma Watson

Norma Watson (P.J Soles)

Norma Watson was the secondary antagonist and best friend of Chris Hargensen from the novel and movie Carrie. She was portrayed by P. J. Soles in the 1976 film and by Meghan Black in the 2002 movie remake which she was not evil.


Norma along with Chris and the rest of the class members have always teased and bullied Carrie for her indiffererence ever since they were young. Norma was also one of the people who were punished for detention for taking part of the gym shower incident when Carrie had her very first period. When Chris had gone too far into getting back at the gym teacher, Norma refused to join sides with Chris. However, after hearing that Carrie was attending the prom and that Chris was going get back at Carrie, she decided to help Chris out in playing the nasty prank on Carrie by rigging the votes for the Prom King and Queen so that Tommy Ross and Carrie will win. Norma was later killed in the prom by falling into a table after getting sprayed by the hose. Carrie unleashed her powers in anger.but in the TV Movie remake in 2002 she seem to be more sympathetic then the two movies.

2013 Film


In this film, Norma was remade as twins named Nicki and Lizzy Watson. The twins were co-conspirators in the prank against Carrie and were almost always with Tina Blake. When the prank was pulled, Nicki and Lizzy laughed at Carrie until she knocked them and several other students down with her telekinetic wave. Carrie then killed several of the other bullies until she noticed Nicki and Lizzy running to find the exit. She uses her powers to throw them to the ground. They try to get back up but Carrie slams them down and holds them there as the panicking students trample them to death.

Nicki and Lizzy are portrayed by Karissa and Katie Strain.