Norma Carter

Norma Carter was the main villainess from "The Case of the Black-Eyed Blonde," the third-to-last episode from Season One of Perry Mason.

She was played by Phyllis Coates.

Norma Carter was introduced as the mother of 4-year-old Bobby Carter, but as later revealed, Bobby's real mother was Marian Shaw, who was murdered by Norma. Norma planned to literally sell Bobby to Matthew Bartlett, but when Marian got in the way of her plans, the evil Norma shot and killed her. As part of her plan, Norma composed a letter and made calls claiming that Marian is an unfit mother. During a confrontation with Perry, Norma gets in her jeep and drives off in an attempt to escape. However, her high speeding leads to her colliding with a bus at a crossing. The accident leaves Norma with little time left to live, and while dying, she confesses to killing Marian while on her deathbed. Norma stated that she was protecting a secret about Bobby, before taking her last breath and passing on.