1914 Norm

Norm (1914) is the supporting antagonist in the Phineas and Ferb episode, Phineas and Ferb and the Temple of Juatchadoon. He is the 1914 version of Norm and the assistant of 1914 version of Doofenshmirtz.


1914 Norm only appears in the beginning of the episode, where he kidnaps Ohio Flynn and Rhode Fletcher (the 1914 counterparts of Phineas and Ferb) under Doofenshmirtz's orders during their expedition to find the Amulet of Juatchadoon in a snowy mountain. However, before Doofenshmirtz could reclaim the amulet, an abominable snowman arrives and smash Norm, who the let the boys go. Norm and his master would later escape from the snowy cave, but the snow monster make a large snowball and throws it at them, sending the two to careen into a cliff wall. Norm then claps at this, but Doofenshmirtz calls this too soon for a callback. It's completely unknown what happened to Norm after Doofenshmirtz's apparent death in the Temple of Juachtadoon, but at least when Doofshenmirtz was seemingly killed, Norm lost his job as henchman, although it's possible that if Doofshenmirtz survived, he returned with Norm and continued their operations.


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