Nord is one of the villains of the 1995 science fiction action adventure movie, Waterworld.

He was played by the late Gerard Murphy.


At the atoll the Mariner visits, Nord has a drink with an atoll citizen, who tells him that Enola's tattooed back is a map to Dryland. Nord then tries to talk and hang out with the Mariner, who immediately rejects him, and at the same time sees Enola. After the Mariner is captured and imprisoned, Nord leaves the atoll and evilly laughs at the Mariner. It turns out Nord is really a smoker spy and Deacon's righthand guy and informs Deacon and the rest of the smokers of Enola.

The next day they viciously attack the atoll and look for the girl. However they fail in capturing Enola and then find out she and her guardian are with the Mariner. Deacon has his smoker henchmen hunt them down, which leads to a trap for the heroes.

The heroes escape the trap and then eventually get captured by Deacon and his servants. Deacon and his lackies capture the girl before they attempt to kill the heroes. Later in the movie, Nord and Enola have a volatle conversation about the Mariner, who eventually comes to her rescue. During Enola's rescue, the Mariner makes his way to Deacon's balcony and finds Nord with a gun, who tries to kill the Mariner but fails and gets shot and killed by the Mariner.