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Nora Thunderman is the daughter of Hank and Barb Thunderman and sister to Phoebe, Max and Billy on the Nickelodeon show The Thundermans. She and Billy will often serve as antagonists (with Nora as the brains behind their schemes and the harmless Billy often participating in a reluctant manner) to Hank and/or Barb or Phoebe and/or Max. As a result of their young ages, both she and Billy are overly impulsive with their powers as well.

She's written very similarly in ways to both Megan Parker and Sam Puckett. She'll often use her cuteness to hide her malevolent intentions. She has the power of heat vision that she uses as a laser. In many ways, she is actually more evil than Max who wants to be a supervillain.

She is played by Addison Riecke.