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Noo Noo is the main antagonist of all the Slendytubbies saga.

He created the New Borns by putting his virus in the Teletubby Creation Machine and took the control of every machine.


He appears in Slendytubbies and Slendytubbies 2 roaming inside the House. In Slendytubbies 3 he first appears in Chapter 0 where he tells Po to go back home.

He then reappears in Chapter 3 where it is revealed that he caused the infection. He will then let The Announcer fight White Tubbie, but after that White Tubbie will win the battle, Noo Noo will offer him to join him. What will happen next depends on the protagonist's choice.

  • Evil Ending: if White Tubbie accepts to join Noo Noo he will be brought to the Custard Facility. Noo Noo will then tell White Tubbie to eat an infected custard to "reborn". If the protagonist accepts, he will become infected.
  • Regretful Ending: If White Tubbie as first joins Noo Noo but then refuses to eat the infected custard, Noo Noo will order Po to push White Tubbie into the custard supply, turning him into Crawler Tubbie.
  • Good Ending: If White Tubbie refuses to join, Noo Noo will make him to fight Po. After that White Tubbie defeats Po, he will destroy Noo Noo.
  • Bad Ending: If White Tube refuses to join Noo Noo and fights Po but then loses the battle at the final phase, Noo Noo will probably run away.


I'm making them better, making things better.
~ Noo Noo revealing to White Tubbie to have caused the infection
Like the rest of living, it is time for you to die. Farewell, guardian...
~ Noo Noo letting White Tubbie fighting the Announcer
I've underestimated you, Guardian. By defeating the Announcer, you have proved me that you hold great value. You are a lot smarter and stronger than I thought. You are different from the rest. If you join me, then together we can make the world a better place.
~ Noo Noo offering to White Tubbie the possibility to join him
So be it, I can see you will never understand. You are not going to stop me, I will not allow that. Po, kill...
~ Noo Noo ordering to Po to kill White Tubbie after that he refused to join him
Enough Po, finish this!
~ Noo Noo to Po before her final mutation
We could've worked together, we could've built a better world. Do you really think you've won? Your world is about to become ash. You're too late.
~ Noo Noo before being destroyed by White Tubbie in the Good Ending



  • Unlike his original counterpart, he is able to talk.