Nomolos in his booth

Nomolos (AKA Nómolos) is a gypsy boy who travels the world in a magic fortune-telling box using teleportation. He takes his partner monkey and a whole funfair with him; then he casts a spell on anyone who visits it so that they never leave. He's one of the many villains that the agents Coqueta and Audaz fight in the commercials used to advertise Coqueta & Audaz line of shoes for toddlers and kids.


Nomolos was once a fortune teller who had a friend called Aisha and a monkey partner. Aisha's father, a sorcerer, did not approve of his daughter seeing him so he trapped Nomolos in a box that resembled a fortune booth, doomed to tell the fortunes of people for all eternity; his loyal monkey always by his side. Overtime, his magic grew stronger than the curse and he managed to find ways to escape his box; he also learned to teleport his own fun fair to various parts of the world, gathering and trapping children for reasons not specified; although by context, it's possible that it was a combination of frustration and desperation to look for his long lost friend.