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NomiRandy was a creation of the Ninja Nomicon, to teach Randy a lesson about becoming to dependant on its advice. Trapping him in the Nomicon and placing another Randy in his body. By giving him an example of what he would be like without any of its advice or good nature. Creating a much calmer, and laid back version of Randy. However he was also much more selfish and appethetic towards those who needed his help.

This version of Randy, managed to break Theresa Fowler's Heart and make her cry, which resorted in her becoming a monster. He then refused to go help her, or the people she was putting in danger, instead opting to go the arcade. Suspicious at his friends out of Character behaviour, Howard stole the Nomicon, and accidently broke in. There he managed to free Randy. Realising what it meant, Randy escaped but was now in Howards body. Meeting up with his alternative self, the two ended up fighting over regaining Randy's body. However NomiRandy put on the Ninja's mask, gaining the powers he attacked Randy. Randy however managed to knock him off balance, and force him back into the book restoring both him and Howard to their proper bodies.