Noiman Cascade is a villain from Contra Hard Corps.


A skilled hacker, Noiman was hired by Colonel Bahamut to invade the systems of the laboratory where the government kept the Alien Cell retrieved after the Alien Wars and to cause mayhem by hacking various unmanned robots in order to avert attention from the Hard Corps. After the Alien Cell is stolen from the laboratory, the Hard Corps are sent to find Noiman at his hideout, which is located in a garbage dump. Upon being found, Noiman creates various holograms for the heroes to fight. He eventually surrenders after they are destroyed, claiming he was only working for money. Upon being interrogated, he reveals that Colonel Bahamut was the mastermind. After Nomain's interrogation, he is imprisoned in an undisclosed location. He isn't seen or mentioned again.


  • Unlike the other villains in the game, Nomain has only one possible fate.
  • Like Deadeye Joe, Noiman's body is equipped with cybernetic enhancements.
  • Even though Nomian has cybernetic enhancements, he never engages in direct physical combat.