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Noh Mask is one of villains of Inuyasha is evil spirit was sealed by It was sealed by Kagome's ancestor who
Mask of the flesh
exorcized it many years ago and placed in a box at heirloom for many years until Kagome Higurashi got reviced from grandfather for jewel shards . There it remained in silent until before a lady bought the box after her father died under mysterious cirtucnes as she going to Higurashi Shrine to exorcism however the mask sense Kagome's jewel shards and kills the woman and Absoed her face before Sota and Kagome going to school when they see a lady wearing a noh mask which scared Sota. After leaving the body of woman, Noh Mask tried reach Kagome but failed when a couple make disturbance for their date. the anime version was different when Noh Mask freed from Higurashi Heilroom and fight with grandpa Higurashi but he managed to survive thanks to sutras he didn't write himself that were placed on his face and sent to hsopatail but in manga version shows Noh Mask killing punks who beating a man who left as wintess and soon killings had chill


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