What do you want here? This is my place! Go away or i rip and tear!
~ Nocturn,
No one insults me and lives!
~ Nocturn's famous quote.
Calling me a liar? I could snap you in two--
~ Nocturn, to Takadox.

Nocturn is one of the antagonists in the BIONICLE series and served as the supporting antagonist in the 2007 storyline. He was an amphibious being who was responsible for destroying his own home island in a blind rage until he was captured by the Order of Mata Nui and imprisoned in the Pit. After his escape, he later became Ehlek's lieutenant when the former was recruited into the Barraki.

He was voiced by Michael Dobson, who also voiced as Krekka in the animated series.



Nocturn was an amphibious being who originally lived on a small island with the rest of his species. 

One day, Nocturn was consumed with a fit of rage as he lost control of his rage and struck the weak point of his home island, thus destroying the entire island. He then fled to the other island where he was eventually caught by the Order of Mata Nui and was sentenced in the Pit for his crime.

Quest in Mahri Nui

When the Great Cataclysm struck the Great Spirit, the earthquake destroyed the Pit and Nocturn and the other prisoners broke free from their cells. During the chaos, Nocturn killed Hydraxon, a jailer by ripping him in two after Takadox mortally wounded him. After that, Nocturn and several prisoners, including the Barraki escape into the ocean. 

Once inside the waters, Nocturn was completely immune to the waters' mutagenic properties due to his amphibious nature as he spent his life inside the ocean after he realized that his presence was unwanted anywhere else in the outside world. 

It was until he was encountered by Kalmah and Takadox as he first took down the small group of Zyglak with ease. Impressed by his brutal strength, the two Barraki then took him along with them and Nocturn was brought before Pridak; the leader of the Barraki upon their arrival. Then, the argument broke out when Nocturn attacked the Barraki and Pridak bit off his top left arm, thus ending the argument. Then, Nocturn was given a Squid Launcher



  • Nocturn's appearance was based on an angler fish.


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