Noboru Shima

Tarantula Undead in Noboru Form.

Seal me. Don't let this chance pass by. You want world wanted to fight for justice, right? Seal me. Hurry!
~ Shima's last words before being sealed by Leangle.

Noboru Shima is the human form of the Tarantula Undead, the first King (of Clubs) Undead to appear.


The wisest one of the Undead. Shima is different from other Royal Club Undeads as he has a good heart and loves humanity. He is also a friend of Kei Karasuma, whom he met in Tibet, who entrusted the Rouse Absorber to him and sent him to oversee Blade and Garren and does his best to stay in human form unless necessary. He has a yellow canary bird named Natural. He helps Mutsuki to relinquish Spider Undead's influence by letting himself be sealed by Leangle's Blizzard Crush. But his sacrifice was not of much use until the Tiger Undead sacrificed herself, allowing Shima to finally lend his power to Mutsuki to help him defeat the Spider Undead. Unsealed in Missing Ace only to be resealed by Lance's Impact Stab.

Videogame appearances

The Tarantula Undead is one of many Undead who appear in the Kamen Rider Blade videogame.