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Noah the Elder.

Noah the Elder is the aging patriarch of Emperor-Land and the former main antagonist of the Warner Brothers animated movie Happy Feet. 

He is voiced by Hugo Weaving.


Noah tries to hold his beloved community together through increasingly difficult times. He and other elders, often seen standing on a mountain of snow that oversees the land, try to keep the other penguins calm and controlled. He blamed the lack of fish on lack of devotion to The Great 'Guin, later placing the blame on Mumble. His reasoning was that since Mumble was different from every other penguin, he upset The Great 'Guin. He was, at first, reluctant to the dancing. But upon realizing that is was indeed the Humans taking the fish, he joined in the final group dance.

In the sequel, he seems to have accepted Mumble's dancing and has integrated dancing as part of the Emperor Penguin way of life.


  • Noah is similar to Kron; they try to keep the pack together by any means necessary, and despise the protagonist. However, unlike Kron, Noah survives and redeems himself.

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