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[chuckles] I love your mother's cookies.
~ Noah to Kevin when offered a cookie, hinting his torrid affair with Claire over the weekend
Noah Sandborn

Noah Sandborn is the main antagonist of 2015 thriller film The Boy Next Door. He is played by Ryan Guzman.

He is a 19-year-old with a mysterious past. He moved in with his uncle after a car accident kills his parents. Noah makes friends with Kevin Peterson whose mother, Claire is on bad terms with her husband, Garrett. She is also a teacher at their school. Noah falls in love with her and despite Claire's objections, she lets him seduce her and they end up having a one night stand. The next morning, Claire tells Noah that what they did was a mistake because she was vulnerable and suggests that they stay friends. This angers Noah causing him to snap and punch a wall, alarming Claire. Claire then realizes her mistake when she discovers that Noah is now her student. Even worse, he has developed an obsession with her and become a bad influence on Kevin. Throughout the course of the film, he tries to murder her estranged husband and son by tampering with their vehicle brakes while trying to win over Claire's affections.


I'm not following you, Claire. I live next door.
~ Noah to Claire when she tells him to stop following her
I'd rather fuck you.
~ Noah's reaction to Claire in a fight telling him to "go fuck yourself"
Let me love you, Claire.
~ Noah to Claire while seducing her
A woman like you should be cherished
~ Noah to Claire while he's undressing her
Die, you fucking piece of shit!
~ Noah attempting to shoot Garrett dead only to be stopped by Claire
Sorry, buddy...but sometimes, even heroes have to make tough choices!
~ Noah's last words as he attempts to kill Kevin before he is killed by a heavy engine dropped on him from Claire


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