No rules

No Rules Man (a.k.a. No Rules Guy) is a character that appeared in "House Rules". He also serves as the main antagonist of that episode.


No Rules Man made his first appearance on Regular Show in "House Rules". He came up to Mordecai and Rigby after Rigby yelled that he didn't want any more rules. He then told them about a place in which rules don't exist, and it's entrance is an old trash box. Then it is shown that he plays video games. After arriving and declaring it an awesome place, Mordecai and Rigby spot the Unicorns from "The Unicorns Have Got to Go" (most likely because they don't want any other trouble from the unicorns), and then Mordecai tells the No Rules Man to get rid of the Unicorns. This makes him mad, as he has been told what to do, and tells everyone about it. They all try to stop them, but ultimately fail. At the end of the episode, No Rules Man is playing Karate Choppers. Then, a note falls on his lap that says "No Video Games," and he yells "no" before exploding, resulting in his death. In "Exit 9B", he was revived by Garrett Bobby Ferguson Jr. while the fight is going on, attacking the God of Basketball, when he let The Hammer punch him. He is later seen skating towards Skips and splashes water from a cup onto Skip's Fists of Justice, causing them to malfunction and having Skips throwing them out upon exploding. He laughs and is then grabbed by the Baby Ducks (in transformation) in which they put him in the porta potty, shakes it, and kicks the porta potty. It launches in the air with No Rules Man in it, and is hit by a passing airplane, causing it to explode. He is killed again then sent to portal.


No Rules Man has long, shaggy brown hair, a gold earring, and an eyepatch covering his bad right eye. He wears a very old tuxedo with a red bowtie and a cape. He uses inline skates to move around.


  • He is similar to Leon from the episode "Benson Be Gone".
  • He is possibly the founder of the Land of No Rules, though it is unconfirmed.
  • He resembles Snake Pliskin from the movies Escape From New York and its sequel, Escape From L.A.
  • He appears in "Exit 9B" where he is one of the enemies. He does not appear from the start with the others but does later while the fight is going on.
  • He is credited as "Mystery Guy" both in "House Rules" and in "Exit 9B".
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