No Heart (Kingdom Hearts)

No Heart

No Heart is a minor antagonist in the video game Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Final Mix. He's a data simulation of Xehanort in his armor that serves as an optional boss in the game.


No Heart resembles a knight. He wears a Keyblade armor that has a Nobody emblem on his chest. His armor constists of spikes, feathers on his right shoulder, and a helmet that has a beak shape design. No Heart also wields Master Xehanort's Keyblade in combat.


Nothing is known about No Heart, except that it's the armor of Xehanort.

Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

No Heart appears in Mirage Arena as a simulation. 


Summon Keyblades - Summons and aims multiply Keyblades at the character.

Darkness Manipulation - Uses dark attacks from the darkness to hurt the opponent.