You might like to know that the Kikuyu fought against the British with a ferocity that made them the source of great terror. One of their tricks was to impale their victims with a spear up their backside, and then to leave them to die slowly on the side of a hill
~ Dr Bennett introduces Njenga and his tribe

Njenga is a tertiary antagonist in the Alex Rider novel Crocodile Tears.


Njenga is the leader of the Kikuyu tribe in Kenya and is very barbaric, warmongering, aggressive and brutal. He hates anyone not of his tribe, with the exception of Reverend Desmond McCain because he employs him. Njenga is introduced to Alex and when he is, he scowls at Alex as if they are personal enemies.

Njenga appears little through Alex's captivity in Kenya but he brings Myra Bennett's half-eaten foot to her fiance McCain, who is angered, rather than saddened, and orders Njenga to get all his men and chase Alex, hunt him down, butcher and kill him at any chance.

Njenga is shown to be a little afraid of Reverend McCain; because "the rule here is to talk when spoken to." Njenga is nonetheless bold enough to chase Alex through the Kenyan desert; because he is fast, strong, and knows the land much better than Alex. Njenga is confident he will win.

He does catch up with Alex much faster than Alex finds the Simba Dam he has been seeking to blow up, and Njenga and his men climb up the dam, racing up with their guns and spears ready, but Alex blows up the dam before they can kill him. Njenga has been ordered to bring back Alex's head to McCain so he climbs up a ladder to kill him, but the dam bursts, exploding out and the ladder snaps. Njenga is carried away by the torrent and drowns.