~ The Nixels' catchphrase

Nixels are antagonists in the Mixels franchise. They are Major Nixel's henchmen and King Nixel's minions

Calling All Mixels!

Nixels also appear as the enemies in the game Calling All Mixels! They can be found wandering aimlessly all over Mixels Land and can attack your base at times to steal Cubits.  The player can use Mixels and mix them to stop the Nixels from reaching the base. Unlike in the TV show, the game has several various types of Nixels that use weapons.

  • Nixel: A regular Nixel will try to attack by running up to and jumping on your Mixels. Can be easily disposed of.
  • Boomerang Nixel: Uses boomerangs as a weapon. It can attack by either throwing the boomerang or whacking a Mixel with it.
  • Paddle Nixel: It carries two paddles with which it can use to perform charge attacks.
  • Boxing Nixel: A Nixel with boxing gloves.  Can do powerful melee attacks.
  • Nixel Cannoneer: Carries a cannon on its back and shoots bombs at your Mixels.
  • Muscle Nixel: A giant Nixel that is almost as large as an average Mixel. It is much harder to take down than most Nixels and can quickly overwhelm a single Mixel.