Ninjamon was a minor villain in Digimon Adventures 02, and a rival of Shurimon. He only made one appearance in the entire season. Ninjamon was one of the Digimon who were cuffed by one of the Digimon Emperor's Dark Rings.


Ninjamon is a small Champion level Digimon. He has a red bandana that covers the top-half of his head. He wears a ninja-like costume, and carries a sword and a few ninja stars.

Digmon Adventures 02

Ninjamon was a victim of the Digimon Emperor's Dark Rings in a town filled with Floramon and Mushroomon. He fought Shurimon until Yolei recalled him to retreat to ShogunGekomon's hideaway. While everyone slept, Ninjamon snuck in with a Dark Spiral on ShogunGekomon and he went on a rampage. While the others battled ShogunGekomon, Floramon and Mushroomon, Shurimon engaged Ninjamon in a fight even when the Control Spire was destroyed. Even though Ninjamon was freed, he wanted to see who was better ninja master. Shurimon took him down and Ninjamon retreated vowing to fight him again. However, this never happened.

Digimon Xros Wars

A huge ammount of Ninjamon were minions of Musyamon's army.


  • Ninja Knife Throwing
  • Iga-ryū Iaijutsu
  • Konoha Ranbu
  • Bunshin no Jutsu
  • Ninja Hopping
  • Fire Enbuken