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You're not a masseuse! You're a ninja assassin cat!
~ The First Lady to the female Ninja
The Ninja Assassin Cats are a duo of ninjas who were hired by the Fancy Feast Council to assassinate President Black Cat and his First Lady while they were on their vacation.

They serve as antagonists in the YouTube series, Politicats.


The two were at some point hired by the council and given the task of assassinating Black Cat and his First Lady.

The two prepared to assassinate their targets while they were on vacation. The male ninja attempted to assassinate Black Cat while the female went after the First Lady while pretending to be a masseuse.

The female Ninja Assassin was later discovered by the First Lady. The two fought in a style much like a fighting game with the First Lady defeating and killing the ninja.

The male Ninja meanwhile lunged out at Black Cat while he was standing by an active volcano and missed him, falling into the volcano instead.

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