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Ninja is one of the martial art puppet created by Andre Toulon, but not quite done. Danny Coogan finished the work for him. Ninja has the soul of Don Coogan, (Danny's brother). His eyes glow red when he focuses on the target. His only weapon is tiny poisoned shurikens, kai-gunto, wakizashi, Nunchaku, Kama, poisoned caltropstashibishi, hand claws, foot spikes, ninja grappling hooks, Hidden Ninja Throwing Spikes and a bowie knife.


  • The Ninja puppet in this came from an unused idea for the first film for a six armed Ninja.
  • Whilst that design eventually became the cowboy puppet Six-Shooter, they still liked the Ninja idea, so they used it for this film, albeit with 2 arms.
  • Ninja may not be seen in the tenth film, Ninja died in Axis of Evil according to Charles Band, except he was mentioned only.