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The first known Nindroid was Zane, who was built in Dr. Julien's Hidden Workshop. Initially a blank slate, Zane learned new skills from his creator, who gradually came to see the Nindroid as a surrogate son. Before passing away of old age, Dr. Julien deactivated Zane's "Memory Switch" to spare him the pain of losing a loved one, causing Zane to believe himself to be an orphan.

An army of Nindroids act as the main antagonists of the 2014 Ninjago: Rebooted season. These Nindroids are created at Borg Tower to take over Ninjago City, led by General Cryptor. They were created by Cyrus Borg following his possession by the Digital Overlord, using Zane's blueprints (as scanned by Pixal).



White Nindroid Forces
Nindroids (Ep. 30)

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