Nina Damfino

Nina Damfino AKA Echo IV

Echo IV, AKA Nina Damfino, is a villain in the DC Universe, an ally towards the Riddler and Query, and an enemy towards Batman.


Before becoming a henchgirl towards the Riddler, Echo was a biker. She later joined forces with a dominatrix name; Diedre Vance, who would later be known as Query. The two then became partners and began robbing convenience stores. It was during one such job that they encountered the Riddler. By this point, the Riddle was at a low point in his criminal career. As soon as the Riddler saw the two, he instantly recognized them as "kindred spirits" and decided to recruit them. Ever since, Nina, know known as Echo, and Diedre, know known as Query, have been working with the Riddler.