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If you want something done right, USE A GIANT SPIDERBOT!
~ Nina Cortex to Crash

Nina Cortex is a character from the videogame series Crash Bandicoot. She is Cortex's beloved niece. A gothic girl with bionic hands which acts a grappling hook. She has a fierce rivalry with Coco bandicoot. She made her first appearance in the 2004 videogame Crash Bandicoot Purple: Ripto's Rampage (A.K.A Crash Fusion) for the GameBoy Advance. And has continued to play smaller to more major roles in the following games, mostly as Dr. Cortex's henchman. She serves as the main antagonist of Crash of the Titans, workiing for Uka Uka.



Nina was once a sweet and innocent girl who loved to hug cute and cuddly animals. Her uncle Neo Cortex was worried by these signs of a pure heart so he send her to the Academy of Evil to learn how to become a villain. But not before giving her spring-loaded, steel trap hands to stop her from hugging adorable critters. During her time at the academy, Nina changed from being sweet and innocent to a villainous goth girl who desires to commit acts of evil, much like her uncle.

Crash of the Titans 

Nina is one of the main antagonist of Crash of the Titans where she commands an army of female rat minions known as Brat Girls. Nina betrayed her uncle by convincing Uka Uka to have her replace Cortex as head of their evil operations. Now in charge, Nina kidnapped and brainwashed Coco to finish constructing her uncle's secret weapon, the Doominator, to destroy Crash's island home while keeping Dr. Cortex imprisoned. During the final boss battle, Nina pilots the 'Arachnina', a giant mech suit which can transform from a robotic humanoid mutant into a spider.