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Nimrod was a figure in the Bible who has been portrayed negatively by many Jewish and Islamic traditions, where he is viewed either as a heretic who sees himself as greater than the monothestic "God" or alternatively as a cruelt tyrant infamous for his confrontation with Abraham.

Nimrod is also the King that supposedly ordered the building of the Tower of Babel, which was intended to "reach the Heavens" and thus offended God as men tried to make themselves equal to the divine - an act of hubris: as punishment God scattered men across the world and gave each tribe a different language.

Liek many antagonistic forces in the Bible Nimrod can be viewed as much as a symbol as he can a man, namely the struggle between Good and Evil or alternatively the struggle between an emerging monothestic belief and the older polythestic belief systems.


  • Nimrod's own name means not only as a hunter, but also a person regarded as silly, foolish, or stupid.

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