Nils Lud is the secondary antagonist of the 2005 political thriller film The Interpreter. He was Edmund Zuwanie's Chief of Security and right-hand man.

He is portrayed by Jesper Christensen, who also portrayed Mr. White in the rebooted James Bond film series.


Prior to working for Edmund Zuwanie, Nils Lud had been a Dutch mercenary. It is unknown how long Lud worked for Zuwanie prior to the events of the film, though he is familiar with Silvia Broome's brother, Simon, who was a member of Ajene Xola's militia, and is aware of Silvia's tragic family history.

When Dr. Zuwanie decides to speak before the United Nations General Assembly, Lud is flown in to New York to assist the United States Secret Service with the investigation into the threats against Dr. Zuwanie's life. When he first meets with Agent Tobin Keller (the Secret Service agent leading the investigation) he acts shocked when he learns that Silvia Broome has Matoban citizenship (though this could be an act to prevent Tobin from being suspicious of him) and suggests that she be given a polygraph test.

Later, when Tobin gives her the test, Lud informs him of the tragic death of Silvia's parents and sister to manipulate him into thinking Silvia may be motivated by vengeance to be involved in the plot. He also faxes Tobin a photo of Silvia at a rally lead by Ajene Xola to further make him suspicious of her.

Lud rides with the motorcade when Zuwanie arrives in New York City. Later, when Marcus Matu is setting up to kill Zuwanie during his speech, Lud enters the sound booth and informs him that Matu's (who is an AIDS patient) mother and sister would "receive their check on Monday", implying that Lud was in on the plot all along. However, when Tobin foils the attempt, Lud guns down Matu and acts like he stopped the assassination. At that moment, Tobin is able to figure out that the "assassination plot" was just an act to cast Zuwanie in a sympathetic light and justify his acts of genocide and ethnic cleansing, with Lud behind it all. Tobin then has Lud taken into custody.


  • Though Nils Lud's name is pronounced "Niles Lood", the only person who pronounces it properly is Lud himself and Silvia Broome.