Nils Bjurman is a supporting antagonist in Stiegg Larson's Millennium Trilogy.

He is the state-appointed guardian of Lisbeth Salander, taking over for her previous guardian, Holgar Palmgren, who suffered a stroke. He forces her to perform oral sex on him in return for access to her trust fund. During one appointment, he brutally rapes and tortures her. Unbeknownst to him, however, Salander had recorded the assault.

A few days later, Salander showed up at Bjurman's apartment, tasered him, and tattooed the words "I AM A RAPIST" on his chest. She then sodomized him with one of his own sex toys, and threatened to publicize the recording of the rape unless he gave her unrestricted access to her money and told his superiors that she no longer needed to be a ward of the state. Soon afterward, she hacks into his computer and finds out that he has been visiting tattoo removal websites. She ambushes him as he is leaving work and threatens to kill him if he removes the tattoo.

in the following novel, The Girl Who Played With Fire, it is revealed that Bjurman worked with a faction of the Swedish government called the Section. The group was protecting Salander's abusive father, Alexander Zalachenko, and wanted to make sure that she could never testify against him. When Palmgren had a stroke, they pulled strings to put Bjurman on her case so he could sexually abuse her into submission. Once they realized they had underestimated Salander, however, they decided Bjurman had outlived his usefulness and sent Zalachenko's son to kill him. They then made it look as if Salander had committed the crime.

In the 2009 Swedish film adaption of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, he is portrayed by Swedish actor Peter Andersson. In the 2011 American remake, he is portrayed by bDutch actor Yorick van Wageningen.