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Nikolai Wolf is the lead singer of the band "Low Shoulder". He is the secondary antagonist in the horror film Jennifer's Body, but also the cause of the film's events.

He was portrayed by Adam Brody.


When Jennifer is at a concert at a bar; he is followed by Jennifer. When she enters the band, he and the members of the band tie her up and have a demon spirit take over her body. He worships Satan. However, the next day, everything is fine for Jennifer. However, Nikolai gets attention for his "good commitment". Meanwhile, Jennifer becomes a demon and kills people left and right before Needy puts her down before she kills the entire male student body of Devil's Kettle High School. Needy later escapes an asylum to murder the band members to exact revenge for turning Jennifer into a demon as well as the people Jennifer killed as a demon, including Needy's boyfriend. And ironically, Needy kills him and the rest of the band with the very same dagger they used to sacrifice Jennifer.


Do you wanna work at Moose Hoof Coffee forever? I don't!
~ Nikolai pushing one of his band members to go through with the satanic sacrifice by reminding him of their lack-luster life
Do you wanna be a loser or do you wanna be rich and awesome like that guy from Maroon 5?
~ Nikolai giving one of his band members a choice whether to continue being a loser or become popular like Adam Levine
We come here to sacrifice this girl, what is your name again?
~ Nikolai to the tied-up Jennifer as he and his band attempt to start the satanic sacrifice
Get the fuck out of here!
~ Nikolai's last words before he is slain by Needy Lesnicki with his own butcher knife