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Soon the whole world will know... and FEAR... the name... Nikolai Diavolo. Yes Katya. Everything, or Nothing.
~ Diavolo announcing his goals to Katya
What a poor lie
~ Diavolo, moments before he orders an assassin to kill an MI6 agent in Peru

Nikolai Diavolo is the villain of the 007 video game called Everything Or Nothing. He was a power hungry man who wanted absolute control of the world. He and his wife Katya who betrayed Bond were using metal-eating nanobots to destroy businesses and factories over the world so that Diavolo would rain supreme over the corporate world.

He was portrayed by Willem Dafoe, who also played the Green Goblin and Eric Masters.


It was shown throughout the game that Diavolo was ruthless and despised Bond and MI6 to no end. He was an ex-KGB agent and the KGB were so frightened of him that they let him go to be on his own. His biggest influence for what he was doing was Max Zorin. So besides killing Bond for meddling in his affairs he also wanted to avenge the death of Max Zorin by killing 007. He was killed when Bond made him fall to his death in Diavolo's own missile silo. As Bond finally left, the whole building exploded along with the missile silo where Diavolo was trapped in. That was how he died in the platform version for Gamecube, XBOX and PS2. In the Game Boy Advance version his body was most likely mutilated by the toxic rays that hit him from the machines Bond shot at.

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