Nikolai Alaric.
Nikolai Alaric is the secondary antagonist of chapter 10 and 11 of the popular webcomic twokinds, he was close friend of Keith and might have had romantic feelings for him.


Nikolai is a loyal and honorable person who, unlike most basitins expresses his feelings and is willing to bend the rules to help out a friend or someone he cares about


Nikolai was a childhood friend of Keith and was very close to him. He first appeared when Keith arrived home and he was one of the first people to greet him there. He later brought Keith to make a statue of him so he could be remembered and so he could show Keith his gratitude. He also got to know some of Keith's friends along the way. However, after trace was kidnapped, Nikolai tried his best to kill Keith on the bridge and was very close to killing him until Keith strikes down on the bridge and broke it. Nikolai tried to jump it, but didn't make it and eventually fell and landed on a rock. Nikolais last words were him congratulating Keith on his success and for how far he's gotten and eventually died in peace happy for what he's done. He was the one responsible for Keith's acquittance at the court, because he said that Keith would be the new officer in law.