A thousand years ago, Klaus and his family where mortals, save for his witch mother Esther. It is revealed his mother had an affair and Klaus's biological father was a werewolf. Esther put a spell on her family that turned them into vampires to protect them from werewolves. Klaus would have become a hybrid if not for the witches keeping his werewolf side in dormat. In retaliation, Klaus killed his mother, but became a target for his step father Mikeal, who began hunting vampires. To have his werewolf side released, a vampire, a werewolf and a Petrova doppleganger had to be sacrificed.  In the middle ages, Klaus found Petrova doppleganger, Katrina Petrova, but she killed herself to become a vampire, rendering his ritual moot for now. Klaus then devoted himself to hunting her down.

Reign in Mystic Falls

In modren times, Klaus heads to Mystic Falls where found Katrina, now living under the name Katharine, and the next Petrova doppleganger, Elena Gilbert. He finds Katharine and tortures her. Afterwords he finds the moonstone needed for the ritual, has a werewolf named Jules killed, turns Elena's aunt Jenna into a vampire for the ritual and abducts Elena. The ritual is complete but Elena doesn't die, turns out her father John Gilbert went through a spell to die in her place.

The next season Klaus sets out to create more Hybrids, starting with Tyler Lockwood. Klaus realizes that Elena needs to remain alive for him to make more Hybrids, so he decides to let her live, but has her vampiric boyfriend Stefan turn off his humanity. Eventually Klaus's siblings awaken, and Klaus kills his step father. His mother Esther is also ressurected. She has a plan to whipe out the vampire race by killing her children, a killing an original will whipe out the bloodline. Klaus and his siblings team up with the Mystic Falls Gang to combat Esther. Esther turns  the MFG friend Alaric into an original vampire but is killed by him. Eventually Klaus is subdued by a descection spell cast by Bonnie, but is now a target by Alaric. Klaus's body is staked, but Bonnie casts a spell to transfer Klaus's soul into Tyler's body.

Klaus goes bored and it's discovered dues to his werewolf genes his body didn't turn to dust. Klaus forces Bonnie to retransfer Klaus back to his original body. Once back, Klaus helps the MFG deal with the hunter Connor Jordan, who is eventually killed, meanwhile, Tyler plans the Hybrids to start a revloution against Klaus. In retaliation, Klaus kills his Hybrids and Tyler's mother. During the season, the main focus was to find a cure for vampires (doing so would awake the more ancient and powerful Silas), during so required a number of deaths, Klaus's hybrids including. Jeremy Gilbert, who became a vampire hunter, kills Klaus's brother Kol and his entire bloodline. Klaus swears revenge but is trapped in the Gilberts house by Bonnie. During this time it's revealed Klaus was in love with Caroline, Tyler's girlfriend. But Klaus breaks her heart by forcing Tyler to leave Mystic Falls with the promise to hunt him down. The cure is found but stolen by Katharine, nonetheless, Silas is awakened and heads to Mystic Falls. One of the first people Silas meets is Klaus, and Silas attacks him. Klaus is left wounded but it turns out the wound and the pain he was feeling was a hallucination, demonstrating how powerful Silas is.

The Originals

After getting a tip that the witches are plotting against him, Klaus goes to the French Quarter of New Orleans, that his family built a long time ago. He realises that his former protege, Marcel Gerard, is now the vampire king of New Orleans.

To make matters worse, the werewolf, Hayley Marshall is pregnant with Klaus' child (after their one-night stand) and she is held captive by the witches and Klaus wants the child dead.

Season 1

In Always and Forever, Klaus is first seen during a flashback to the early 18th century. A crew is searching through an "abandoned" ship and finds the two coffins containing Klaus' neutralized brothers, Finn and Kol. Elijah and Rebekah appear, the latter having fed on and killed members of the crew, before introducing themselves. Klaus, suddenly appearing at the top of the stairs with a dead body in his arms and blood on his mouth, laughs with Rebekah about "leaving the best til last". In regards to introducing them, Rebekah retorts by calling him a beast as Klaus tosses the corpse down the stairs. In the present, Elijah arrives in New Orleans in an attempt to find his brother and he heads into the bar Rousseau's, in which he strikes up conversation with the human barmaid. He tells her about his brother's paranoia that people are conspiring against him and asks if she knows of Jane-Anne Deveraux. Elijah, after finding out about Jane-Anne's execution, demands to know what she wanted with Niklaus from her sister; Sophie.

As Sophie tells her of Niklaus' predicament, Elijah soon meets Hayley and uses his tactile telepathy in order to show her memories of his human days. He shows her the night that Henrik died, when Klaus carried his body back to the village. He also shows her after their transition, he, Niklaus and their father, Mikael were in the woods when Klaus suddenly dropped, screaming in agony as he began to transform into a wolf, indicating he had recently made his first kill. Later, flashbacks show Mikael and Elijah tying Klaus to a wooden pole as their mother, Esther, cast a spell to suppress Klaus' werewolf side. Klaus quietly begged Elijah to help him, however Elijah followed his father's wishes.

Klaus is first seen in the present standing upon a balcony as Elijah appears behind him, telling him he has found out who is conspiring against him. As Klaus is told of Hayley's pregnancy, he is outraged, believing Hayley to have slept with somebody else and doesn't believe what they are saying is the truth. As he leaves, he snarls for them to kill Hayley and the baby. Elijah follows him outside in order to get him to change his mind. Elijah's words don't pacify him and he continues to deny the pregnancy and that it will not give him power, and that he isn't willing to be manipulated by the witches.

Klaus is then later seen with Marcel, observing the courtyard, the vampire's and loud music. He converses with Marcel over trivial matters, however begins to grow increasingly annoyed with the younger vampire when he calls New Orleans "his town". Klaus huffs that before he left 100 years ago, Marcel was a "pathetic little scrapper still trembling from the lashes of the whips" of those who brought him down as a child. Marcel knows he is jealous and snarls that it is his town, that he is the king. Klaus stands for a few moments, the music quietening down as people observe the scene, including Elijah from afar. Klaus smirks before quickly turning and biting one of Marcel's closest vampires, infecting him with his bite. He says to Marcel that he broke one of his rules yet he is immortal and cannot die, walking away saying "who has the power now, friend?"

The witches told Elijah that Klaus had until midnight to change his mind about the child and Hayley's life before they die - as Jane-Anne's spell linked Sophie and Hayley together. As Klaus is heavily drinking around a back lot in the quarter, he smashes a bottle upon the floor, knowing Elijah is behind him. Klaus tells him to stop harping on about the baby and Elijah vamp-speeds towards him, determined to knock some sense into him. The two begin scrapping and Klaus knocks Elijah off him before the latter returns, saying he will belt him like "their father used to", in order for him to regain his humanity. Klaus calls him pathetic and a "sentimental fool" as Elijah tries to mention family once more. Elijah walks off, leaving Klaus to ponder the events.

Klaus is later sitting upon a bench, seemingly having thought about things, when Elijah sits down next to him. Klaus solemnly reveals that the town was his home once and that he wants it back, that he wants to be king again. Elijah asks if that is all the child means to him before saying the child could change him, give him something he never believed he had; unconditional love of family. Klaus then looks at him and tells him to tell Sophie that they have a deal. The next day, Elijah is helping Hayley unpack things in their new house, which was co-incidentally their old house when they lived there and tells her he would always protect her. Klaus appears, taunting "noble Elijah, keeping his word". He then tells Elijah he healed Thierry, and that Marcel thinks he is on his side again.

Elijah and Klaus are talking in another room, taking sheets off their old belongings. Klaus says that they can destroy Marcel's army from the inside. Elijah asks about Rebekah. Klaus knows that Rebekah doesn't care and that he "shoved her in a box one too many times" and the elder brother says she will hopefully come around. Klaus, reaching down beside an object says he hopes Rebekah stays far away as there is a weakness in Rebekah that Marcel would exploit. Elijah asks what that is. Klaus simply looks at him and says "you" before quickly shoving a dagger into his chest. As Elijah desiccates, Klaus says family is a weakness and that if he is to win this war, he has to do it alone.

In House of the Rising Son, Klaus has stayed in New Orleans for three months. Klaus and Marcel are standing on the balcony of the Abattoir and Marcel is telling Klaus that they lure humans to his club and at midnight they feed on them, Klaus questions Marcel about what they do with the bodies and he reveals that they feed the vamp blood to avoid any suspicion. Thierry comes up to them and informs Marcel of that six of Nightwalkers has been killed in a bar.

Later at his house Rebekah has arrived, she demands to know what he has done to Elijah and he does not say but hints that he has daggered Elijah. He asks Rebekah if she was the one that killed the 8 Nightwalkers, which she admits to have done. Klaus brings up Marcel and his rules when Rebekah claims that he does not have any friends. He gets a text and is about to leave when Rebekah asks where he is going, he tells her is going to have drink with Marcel. Rebekah questions what part it has in his plan to undermine Marcel's empire and Klaus reveals that when friends drink they tell secret and he is hoping to learn what allows Marcel to control the witches and take it for himself.

He finds Marcel at a bar looking at Camille. Marcel tells Klaus that two of the guests from the other night are dead and are now in transition (Josh and Tina). Klaus gets up and talks to Camille and he sets up a possible date between her and Marcel. Later Marcel brings him to a van with Josh and Tina inside. Marcel throws a coin and the one that pick it up gets to become a vampire and the other will die. Tina picks it up but Marcel kills her when she betrayed Josh. Klaus escorts Josh into a car.

At a bar Klaus is having a drink and Marcel comes in and is angry because he didn't tell him that Rebekah is back. Marcel asks him there is anything more that she needs to know, like if it was her that killed his 6 nightwalkers which he denies. Marcel then gets a call, saying there is a werewolf in town. Klaus returns home to find 3 dead and 1 living vampire at the house, because Hayley left the house. Klaus is furious with both Hayley and Rebekah and yells at them that they put his plan in peril, Rebekah defends herself by saying she was protecting Hayley and says that Klaus has done nothing to honor the deal that Elijah made for his child. He responds by saying he has done everything and tells Rebekah that since he came to town Marcel has not trusted him and has had his men ingest vervain, so when Marcel lost 6 nightwalkers he killed Josh ans Tina and he compelled Josh into becoming his spy as he had not been given any vervain yet. Then he compelled Cami into dating Marcel and to be his spy.  He drags Max into the house to drain him of vervain and compel him. Still angry with Hayley he demands to know what she was doing it Quarter in the first place. Hayley snaps and tells him that she was buying poison to kill the baby. Enraged by this Klaus grabbed Hayley by the throat and begins to choke her, showing that he cares about the child. Rebekah intervened and told Klaus that it is okay to care and to want something. Klaus sits down next to his sister and tells her that he gave Elijah to Marcel as a peace offering.

The next day he enters Hayley room to see if she took the poison or not. Hayley tells she didn't take the poison. Klaus asks her why didn't use it and she said it was because of that both her birth and adoptive parents abandoned her. Hayley asks what happened between him and Marcel. Klaus replied by saying he made Marcel what he is and treated him like a son and after Mikael chased him and his siblings from New Orleans, they all believed that Marcel had been killed and they mourned him. Then after he returned he did not only find that Marcel had survived, but he had taken everything that his family built and made it his own. And now he is living in their home, sleeping in their beds and the letter "M" that he stamps everywhere is not for Marcel it is for Mikaelson. Klaus also tells that he wants it back and if he has to push Marcel to get it, that is exactly what he will do.

Klaus 7 TO 1x03

Klaus talking with Rebekah and Hayley

In Tangled Up In Blue, Klaus sets the 3 dead vampires on fire and the next morning Hayley asks both him and Rebekah what the plan is to get Elijah back. Klaus say there is plan A: ask Marcel for Elijah back and then there is plan B: war. Klaus goes through with plan A and asks Marcel for Elijah back, but he says no and invites him to the party he is going to host.

He is later on the phone with Rebekah while Josh is draining Max of vervain. Rebekah tells Klaus that she is going to deal with Sophie and Katie the witch that rated out Hayley. Klaus walks to Josh noticing that he is not draining the vervain out of Max fast enough and drives a pitchfork through Max and compels Josh to do the same. Josh not knowing why he did it ask how Klaus made him do it and he explains how compulsion works. Rebekah calls him again and informs Klaus of that Katie is the girlfriend of Thierry, making him the key element in the plan.

Later Klaus and Rebekah were having a talk with Sophie asking her to do a tracking spell in order to find Elijah and Davina at the same time. They also ask her to play a part in their plan and have Katie use magic so Davina won't sense the locator spell. Klaus reveals to Sophie that Katie was the one that got he sister killed to motivate her.

Klaus has a talk with Marcel and convinces him that the witches a planing something and Marcel has Thierry bring some nightwalkers to do a rousting with the witches, all part of Klaus plan. Klaus later talks with Rebekah over the phone and tells her that he compelled Max to feed on Katie, which made Thierry attack Max and kill him and that will leave Marcel with no choice but to punish him and Katie will try to save Thierry.

Later Klaus attends Marcel's party with Rebekah and he sees that Rebekah has invited Cami as a distraction and payback against Marcel. When Marco tells Marcel what Thierry had done, Klaus just watched on as Marcel furies talked to Thierry and then he sent Josh to bring Marcel the spell to make daylight rings, saying that they found it in Katie's store. This left Marcel even more angry and he sentenced Thierry to the Garden. As Marcel and his vampires are escorting Katie shows up as planed to save Thierry, giving Sophie time to cast a locator spell. While Katie attacked the vampires with her magic, she got close to kill Marcel until Klaus saved him by killing Katie.

Klaus and Marcel later have a talk involving Thierry. Marcel then thankful for Klaus saving him will give him back Elijah. Marcel then asks how much Cami saw and Klaus tells him that she only saw a argument nothing that can't be fixed. Klaus walks into the bar and he sits down next to Cami and tells her that he needs her to give Marcel a second chance and compel her to do so. He returns home to hear Rebekah say that they failed which Klaus said is not true and he reveals that he was the one that killed Katie and he knew that she would try to take out Marcel. He also reveals that he was only using Sophie as she and the other witches only wants to have Davina and he is going to take her for himself before anyone can.

Klaus goes to Hayley to tell her that Elijah will be returning soon and as he is about to leave Hayley stops him a tells him that she thinks the baby is a girl and Klaus leaves the room with a smile on his face.

In Girl in New Orleans, Klaus offers Cami the job of write his memoirs, giving him time to compel her into spy on Marcel. Klaus tells Camille the truth of the war between vampire and witches, Cami reacts badly and Klaus compels her not to be afraid and she asks him how he made her feel safe. Klaus tells her about compulsion an d then sits down and proposed that they talk more about Marcel.

Klaus goes to visit Cami and she asks how when he comes up to her she remembers what Klaus told her that he is a vampire and when he leaves she goes ask to thinking that he is a hot guy, with an accent and money to burn. He reveals that it is how compulsion works and he suggests that they sit down and that Cami tells her what she learned about Marcel. She tells him that Marcel has asked her to look after a young girl at the music festival an she says she sad no. Klaus then asks her to reconsider without compulsion, Cam asks why he asked politely and he reveals that he likes her and how her mind works and believes that they could be friends under other circumstances . He then compels her into doing what he asked for.

At home he sees that Rebekah is still trying to use the internet to find Elijah. He how it's going and she tells him that she remembers that there was window shutters behind Elijah's coffin. He points out that it is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Klaus then brings up that due to the delay of Elijah's return he believes that Marcel is no longer in charge of the situation. And because of that he suspect that Davina's loyalty to Marcel has been strained, perhaps Davina is open to other alliances. Rebekah the comments that as usual he is power is more important than getting back their brother, Klaus chose to see it as killing two birds with one stone. Take Davina and get Elijah back. Klaus later compels Davina's friend Tim to make Davina visit and he tells Cami to give Davina a note and say it was from Tim and sneak Davina out through the back door.  

Later at a church Klaus sits next to Camille as they watch Tim play his violin and Cami brings up the killing of nine people that took place at the church and asks him if he has ever seen a man just snap and go on a killing spree. He tells Cami that he has seen a lot in his time and has learned that that the world is a awful place. Cami responds by saying that the world and people are not awful, they want to be good and something makes them bad. She also says that there is also signs of when someone is going through a psychotic break and the guy responsible did not have any. Klaus says she is well informed on the matter and realize that she knew him, Cami reveals that it was her twin brother Sean. She says that she can't sleep because she dreams about what Sean did and she hates it. Klaus tells her that the must all stand alone against with their demons and Cami answered by saying what if one day his demons they become my to. Then Klaus compels her to leave and forget what happened.

Later he interrupts Davina and Tim and compels Tim to go sit down while he talks to Davina. Klaus tries to convince Davina to switch sides. He tries to convince her that Marcel is not her friend and that he is only using her and Davina respond to this by boiling his blood and Klaus grabs Tim and threatens to kill him. Davina tells him to let Tim go and breaks Klaus leg but i heals and Klaus tells her he will let Tim go but only if Davina will swear allegiance to him alone. Davina gets even more angry and lashes out at Klaus with her magic. Davina's lose of control knocked her out and when she woke up she ran outside to look for Tim giving Klaus time to talk with Rebekah over the phone who revealed that Hayley is missing and she was attacked by wolves and when she woke up they were all dead.

He tells her to keep looking and that he is on his way. Klaus then threw Tim down the church balcony. Then when Davina found the injured Tim. Klaus offers to heal him as long as she says please. She does what he asked and he healed Tim. He then compelled Tim to forget ever meeting him and Davina that night and tells Davina that she owes him a favor.

Klaus later arrives at the location of Hayley's disappearance and asks who took Hayley and ho killed her attackers she say she does not know. They then hear a wolf howling and they go outside to find Hayley. Klaus worried about the baby goes to her to make sure that she is okay and notice that she has completely healed and she says it's because she's a werewolf but Klaus she can't heal that fast. Rebekah tells him to leave her alone and realizes that the baby's vampire blood healed Hayley. Rebekah tells both of them that she has been in contact with Elijah and he has a plan. When Hayley gets up she almost collapses and Klaus catches her and brings her home.

That same night Klaus went to visit Camille. She invited him in and asked him if a vampire could have compelled Sean into killing nine people. Klaus then asks her to what end will learning what happened to her brother. Cami responded by saying that is the only reason she is on New Orleans . Klaus then tells it will bring her nothing but pain and it won't bring her brother back. He tells her the only way for her to find peace is for her to move on and forget. Cami understanding that he is going to compel her she asks him not to but he says it will only eat away at her and it will only put her in danger. Cami the says that he doesn't care about her he only wants her to be a good little spy. Klaus tells her he needs her loyalty but it is honor his brother the Cami asks what about her brother and says she needs to know who did it and make it right. Then Klaus compels her to move on and he promise her that he will find the one who harmed her brother and make them suffer.

Klaus 3 TO 1x05

Klaus talking with Sophie

In Sinners and Saints, Klaus grabs Sophie and brings her to his house accusing her of breaking their deal by letting Hayley be attacked by witches. Sophie swears that she did not have anything to do with it and it was a faction of extremists that were behind it because of a vision Sabine had about the baby. Klaus asks what she saw and Sophie reveals that Sabine saw that the baby will bring destruction to all witches. Rebekah asks how extreme the faction is and brings up that Elijah is talking to Davina. Sophie the says that Davina will have much to say about the faction and Klaus tells her to tell them what she knows and she reveals that she did not like the strict way she was raised so she left to travel and play, but she returned eventually and she learned from her sister Jane-Anne that hey are going through with the Harvest a ritual preformed every 300 years in order for the witches to keep their power granted to them by their ancestors. They are interrupted in the story when Marcel calls Klaus to tell him that there has been a attack on witches in the bayou and the injuries are consistent with that of a werewolf and he wants Klaus to come with him.

Later he is at the Big Auggie's Biker Bar and is on the phone with Rebekah and she tells him to stall Marcel from finding them. In order to do so Klaus asks Marcel some questions one being how he met Davina. Marcel reveals that it first started 8 months ago when he had a sexual relationship with Sophie and she to him about the harvest. The Klaus asked who Sophie turned to and Marcel reveals that Sophie turned to Kieran a priest, leader of the human faction and Cami's uncle. Kieran tried to convince  the witch elders to not go through with the harvest, but to no success. In return for Kieran attempt to stop the harvest one of them put a Hex on Sean to distract him.

Later Klaus gets a call from Rebekah telling him that they went to the bayou and they were seen by a vampire who might be Marcel's informant Thomas and they lost him. Rebekah tells him to handle it and he says that he needs a distraction and Rebekah says that she is on her way. He then returns to Marcel and asks him what happened next. Marcel tells him that when the harvest was preformed the witches killed the chosen four, but before they could kill Davina Marcel showed up with his army and they stopped the ritual and when Marcel saw Davina being held by a witch trying to get free Marcel saved her and Marcel tells Klaus that there was something in the way that she fight to know and Klaus respond by saying I do Marcellus reminding him of how he once saved Marcel as a child. Marcel continues to tell the story and when the other three girls had been killed Davina was given all of their power and that is what makes her so strong.

Rebekah later shows up to stall Marcel giving Klaus time to find Thomas and snapped his neck. He then returned inside and asked Rebekah where Marcel is and she asks him the same thing and they realize that Marcel was stalling them.

Klaus the waits at the Abattoir for Marcel and when he shows up he tells his son that his attempt to stall him was pathetic and he taught him better than that. Marcel responds by saying that Klaus taught to protect what is his and says you will not take Davina from me and Klaus says that the strong always take from the weak. Marcel responds by saying if he is so strong why did he run from New Orleans, this enraged Klaus and jumped from the balcony and punched Marcel in the face. He says that he can take Davina when ever he wants and when Marcel is about to attack he is but not by Klaus, by Elijah.

The brothers later return home and Elijah gets the family to tell them that the reason that they were lured back to New Orleans was not because of the war between witches and vampire, it is because of Davina. He says that Sophie and Jane-Anne lost everything when Jane-Anne's daughter Monique was killed in the harvest and Jane-Anne sacrificed herself to bring her daughter back, so it is about family. He also tells them that Sophie is the greatest threat against them because she is willing to give her life to kill Davina and bring Monique back to life.

In Fruit of the Poisoned Tree, Klaus attempted to buy his brothers forgiveness by offering him a girl to feed on, but Elijah refused as forgiveness can't be bought. Then Klaus feed of the girl instead and left her body on the table. Afterwards the brothers began to ignore each other and sat down right in front of each other and read. Later Elijah rips out a page from their mother's spell book and he informs Klaus and Rebekah of that he intends to use Davina to break the link between Hayley and Sophie and he also reveals that their deal with Sophie no longer stands. Klaus is then told by Elijah to accompany him to the church and stay guard so Elijah can have some time with Davina.

Klaus and Elijah arrive at the Rousseau's and they find Sophie and Sabine knocked out. Once Sabine awoke they questioned her and she revealed that Sophie had been taken by Agnes. She refused to reveal where Agnes, believing they would kill her if they found her but when Klaus made it clear that he does not care about the harvest or Agnes she gave them her location.

They arrived at a crypt and found Sophie chained up and she revealed that Agnes used a cursed object on her that will affect Hayley and kill Klaus' baby. After learning this Klaus went to The Faction to ask them to find Agnes for him. When the leader Kieran asked him why they should to this Klaus reveals that Agnes is the witch that hexed his nephew Sean into kill himself and nine priests. This convinced Kieran to find her and he asked Klaus form some time and he screamed at Kieran that he does not have time, but Kieran didn't even flinch to it and stood tall against him this impressed Klaus and he gave him one hour. Later he catches Kieran leaving the church and he offers Kieran a deal; Kieran will bring Agnes to the church and Klaus won't harm Camille. Kieran does what they agreed to and Klaus asked Agnes how to undo the curse she placed on Hayley. Agnes says it can't be reversed and his child will die. After Klaus learns that the link has been broken and his child is safe he tells Agnes that he is going to leave pieces of her at her family crypt, believing that it will send a fitting message; no one hurts his family. Then Elijah comes to the church and Klaus grabs Agnes. Elijah tells him to let her go and in return he will give him his forgiveness. He does as his brother asks and after he says that it is much like him to spoil his fun Elijah attacks and kills Agnes.

Klaus later goes to Cami to tell her that he learned what happened to her brother and he reveals that Agnes is dead which angers her because she did not ask him to make her part of revenge ans she swears that she will find a way to undo what he has done to her.

As he is walking on the street Marcel confronts him and reveals that he knows where he lives and he saw Hayley. Klaus the hurried home to find that Hayley is gone and he tells Elijah that Marcel was there.

In Bloodletting]], Klaus is at Marcel's Fight Night. Him and Elijah interrupt it to ask Marcel where Hayley is. Marcel doesn't know where she's at and tells Sabine to assist Klaus and Elijah. Sabine performs a spell and reveals that Hayley is in the bayou. Klaus and Elijah drive there together and search the bayou for any sign of Hayley.

Eventually, Klaus discovers Tyler is holding Hayley captive. Hayley fled into the woods. Soon after, Klaus and Tyler confront one another, argue and then battle. Tyler, being no match for Klaus, is defeated with little difficulty. He did however, manage stab Klaus through the chest.

Later on, Klaus is found at the cabin by Hayley and Elijah and the three get into a heated argument about family and the recent events that are unfolding. Klaus, not pleased by Elijah, bites him which will make Elijah weak. He returns to the house and is talking to Rebekah about the situation. Rebekah informs Klaus that he never actually understood why Elijah cared for him and Klaus admits that he's in the wrong.

In The River in Reverse, Klaus is having breakfast with Rebekah. He is first seen filling a glass with blood from a woman's arm and whilst doing so he asks Rebekah if she has seen Marcel, intending to find out why he has been avoiding him and draw attention to Rebekah and Marcel's relationship. Klaus speaks to Rebekah wondering why she is giving him a "devil stare", assuming it is because he bit Elijah. Rebekah answers saying that she is worried Klaus would bite her also if she were to voice her opinion, however Klaus states that he would never bite her and that his preferred method of punishment is a dagger.

Next, Cami is recording Klaus' memoirs on a typewriter as Klaus speaks. Klaus is ranting about his disappointment in his siblings and he finds a mysterious drawing of Cami's; she mocks him by saying that it's a plot to destroy him and then a tattoo design.

Klaus then surprises Josh by turning up at a building where he is working on a car and says that he has the "role of a lifetime" for him. In a scene between Rebekah, Marcel and Josh, it is revealed that Klaus tried to compel Josh to steal a dagger from Marcel, however the compulsion didn't work because Davina removed the previous compulsion of Klaus from him. Josh does not get the dagger for Klaus but does what Marcel asked him by telling Klaus that Marcel has it on him.

Klaus goes to visit Cami's uncle, the priest, in hopes of getting him to persuade Cami to leave New Orleans. Afterwards he goes to confront Marcel, unaware that Rebekah had schemed with Marcel to subdue him. Before the start of the fight Klaus throws a coin and states that whoever picks up the coin will get to live, but nobody picks up the coin and the fight begins. Klaus kills two vampires that attack him and cockily puts his arms out. The tables turn on Klaus because chains are wrapped around his arms and he is dragged and then beaten up to the point of being on his knees. Klaus then growls and displays his hybrid eyes. He breaks free of his chains and begins to attack and slaughter the vampires around him. This continues but Marcel stops the fight, then he picks up the coin and pledges his allegiance to Klaus; after Rebekah tells him it is the only way to stop him killing everyone. At the burning of the deceased vampires from the fight, Klaus and Marcel have a conversation in which Klaus makes it clear that he wants his home back and Marcel agrees.

Klaus later feeling betrayed, holds a dagger to Rebekah when she confronts him after the fight, but then lets her go upon Elijah's arrival and demand. Klaus then says to Elijah that maybe it should be him he daggers because he feels that Elijah will replace him as a father to his child. Rebekah comments that they do not abandon him, he drives them away. Klaus then, hurt, says that he has done nothing lately but co-operate and bow down to Elijah while Rebekah is with a man she shouldn't be with, who stole their home from them. He also says that it was them who let him down by not believing his intentions for his child were pure. Klaus leaves with tears down his face to go to his reclaimed home with Hayley, stating that the child is the only thing that matters to him.

In Reigning Pain in New Orleans, Klaus tries to gain trust of the quarter vampires by telling them that he has no intentions to create more hybrids which could harm them. To win their trust in this matter he allows them to kill off the werewolves in the bayou so that they could be sure that he doesn't want to use his child this way. He is still upset with Rebekah and Elijah and is taking away their furniture and seeks comfort from Camille. He compels her to write his memoirs as he is upset with his siblings. Camille is mad at him as she knows that Klaus uses her as therapist and blames him from messing with her mind. Klaus tries to confirm his grip over the down and asks help from Marcel. He confesses to him all the things he did to win his home back. He also asks Marcel's help to move Davina closer to him as he would like to have such powerful weapon close by. Klaus then has meeting with the human leaders who want bribe for their silence as vampires rule this city. They also want to set rules on Klaus how they want him to behave to protect the locals. Klaus laughs at their face and says that they are lucky to have whatever he wants to leave them, because other way they have lost their usefulness. 

Soon after meeting the council calls him to tell him that they don't accept his terms ant they attack him and Marcel as they are in the bar with other vampires. Many vampires die and Marcel blames Klaus for it as he failed to make peace with humans. Klaus and Marcel call a human council meeting where they take revenge for their vampires leaving only father Kieran alive. Klaus tries to make Marcel his friend again and tells him that his decision to take over the city was not entirely his own. He reveals to him that the witches would have killed his unborn child if he would have refused their bidding. He says that he will not be a bad father to child, as his step-father was to him and admits that he was jealous for Marcel having created this empire without him. Klaus realizes that he can rule the vampires, but he can't win them so he asks Marcel to rule with him as his equal.

Later he has to deal with Hayley who is angry with him because of his order to kill the werewolves. Klaus tells her that he did it partly to ensure Hayley's safety as it lessens the threat to her from the vampires who otherwise would like to kill her. Afterwards he meets Rebekah and Elijah who declined his rules and ended the werewolf hunt as they found out that their clan is connected to their mother. Rebekah says that they are trying to make amends for their recent behavior and they found the clan of his father's bloodline. Though they ask for his forgiveness he asks them why would he want it and leaves them. He went straight to father Kieran to ask him a favor to protect the werewolves in the bayou from himself and other vampires without them finding out about it. In return he is asked to set Camille free. He goes to her and tells her that he is a monster and shows him memories from his past, but Camille feels sorry for him not disgust. He says to her that knowing about this world will only get her killed and then he compels her to leave New Orleans and forget everything she has learned about vampires. at the end of the episode he forgives Elijah and tells Elijah that when he and Rebekah are ready they are welcome to join him. In The Casket Girls, Klaus calls Marcel as he discovers that Davina has escaped. As Elijah and Marcel are discussing how to get her back, Klaus has a plan of his own. They go to the Casket Girls Festival and Klaus searching for Davina. Klaus finds Davina's friend Timothy and kidnaps him to lure Davina out. Then he calls Joshua to send his message to Davina. Davina comes to Klaus to get Tim, but she doesn't cooperate and attacks them ( Klaus, Marcel, Elijah) and overpowers them.

While Klaus is out cold, Davina leaves with Rebekah who wants to make her an ally. As Davina showed him clearly that she is not on his side Klaus had a back up plan. He had compelled Timothy before he was knocked, to poison Davina and Himself in case Davina doesn't return to him. As vampire blood is not curing the poison Rebekah calls Klaus to ask how to save her, but Klaus refuses to help her. Then Elijah and Marcel reveal to him their own plan which they made in case if Klaus goes to far. They had made a deal with a witch to protect Davina from dying which leaves Klaus still dealing with the witch problems. When Davina is safely returned to him Klaus takes her back without revenge on Marcel or Elijah for plotting against him. Later he meets Camille on the street and discovers that Davina has undone all the compulsion on her so she remembers everything.

In Après Moi, Le Déluge, at the beginning of the episode Klaus is first seen talking with Elijah while Davina is starting to lose control over her power. When the earthquake starts, Klaus runs to Davina's room and discovers that she is coughing up dirt. As he realizes how great is Davina's power he soon begins to worry about the consequences and asks Marcel how to control her. Soon they find out that Davina's power is going to have four phases as she releases all the elements - earth, air, water and fire, making him worried about New Orleans. as they realize that the only way to stop Davina is to complete the Harvest and is trying to make Marcel agreeing with this. Marcel opposes him and doesn't want to hand Davina over for the sacrifice and takes her away from Klaus. Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah combine their forces to find Davina before she destroys everything. He also tries to make sure that Haley is safe and helps her with her plan to aid werewolves. He shows Haley that he has already taken care for the werewolves and tells her that they are also his clan. Then he asks Kieran to help him find Davina. Klaus and Haley are having a moment when he advises her to just apologize to Elijah to fix things between them. As Sophie's plan to get power from Celeste's bones fails, Elijah comes up with the new plan involving the Originals. They decide to make their mother Esther a New Orleans witch so they could channel her power and finish the harvest ritual. They bury their mother and take her power but something goes wrong and the girls who were killed for the harvest don't resurrect.

Marcel blames Klaus for Davina's death and this is making another barrier between their relationship. Klaus hugs him and tells him that he understands, because after he fled New Orleans he thought he was dead and it took him years before he could even speak his name. When he goes home he talks to Rebekah and asks her how did she find Davina so quickly and they share their regret over their failed plan to save her. When Rebekah realizes that this power could not have just vanish it leaves them with another problem to solve.

In Dance Back from the Grave, we can see flashbacks from his time in New Orleans from 1919. He tried to make arrangements with werewolves in this city, so his rule could remain hidden. But their meeting is soon interrupt by a witch named Papa Tunde, who demands to know how it would benefit for the witches. He demands a tribute as he thinks he is also the king in this city and brings them the head of the mayor who he has killed. Klaus doesn't like it and decides to find out who this enemy is. Klaus befriends him to find out his weaknesses so he could destroy him. With help from Marcel he finds out that Papa Tunde channels two twin witches who always accompany him and kills them to get rid of this rival. In the present time he is in very good mood after his trip to Mystic Falls. He frees Thierry at Rebekah's request. Then he informs other vampires in the quarter about Davina's death and the unsuccessful Harvest. He tells them that since Davina is dead they can't any longer control the witches in the quarter. So he orders them to keep them busy, until their power fades. He puts Diego on charge and is disturbed when Marcel doesn't join them. He talks with Marcel about his attitude but they are interrupted by Diego who has found some dead vampires. As they find two dead vampires, who are not even staked he wants revenge and make them suffer. He tells Diego to gather all the vampires and found out who did this, but most of the vampires are too freaked out to help. He realizes that others are so afraid of this new threat he decides to find the answers himself. On his way to figure things out he meets Sophie and finds marks of a dark sacrificial magic.

Soon he gets the call from Camille who tells him that Papa Tunde is killing Marcel. He runs to save him and confronts Papa Tunde himself, who is has all Rebekah's power so he is stronger than Klaus. He almost takes Klaus down, but Elijah and Hayley break the spell so that he loses power over Rebekah and Klaus overpowers him. He finds Marcel dying and tells Camille to find him somebody to give him blood. Camille volunteers, much to Klaus's dislike, but he allows her to save him. As he thinks the war with the witches has just started he asks the vampires in the quarter who will stay with him. Few leave, but most of them stay with him. He asks Sophie how could Papa Tunde return and finds out that it was because of the stolen Harvest power. As they learn that the Harvest might not be over he has Marcel back, because he will side with him to get Davina back and end this witch war. They want to stop him from killing more vampires and are alert that the garden is dangerous place if Papa Tunde discovers it, but they are too late. All of them are dead, leaving Klaus facing a stronger enemy.

In Crescent City, Klaus is first seen in St Anne's church with Marcel to celebrate the reopening of it. They want Father Kieran to find out all that he can about the witches. Klaus gets a call from Diego who informs him that Papa Tunde is dead and they start to understand that their witch problems are only getting started. When he gets a message from Camille he meets her at the church and she asks for his help with her uncle Kieran, who has been cursed like Sean. Klaus comforts her and tells her that her uncle is a good and loyal man. Camille asks his for help and gives him Papa Tunde's knife, which she was asked to stab into his heart, but she chooses Klaus over witches. Then Klaus and Camille are going to father Kieran and are bleeding him out so Klaus could compel him to overcome his dark curse. When this is done he goes to seek out the witch who hexed Kieran in the first place. He takes Monique for leverage to lure them out, but Marcel does not approve of his plan. Marcel attacks him so Monique could escape and when Klaus fights him off he drops the blade. When he turns around Sophie pushes this blade to his chest. Klaus is screaming in unbearable pain and then collapses, leaving him to the hand of of his the enemy.

In Long Way Back From Hell, Klaus is completely paralyzed by the blade inside of his heart. Genevieve removes the blade from his heart and Klaus awakens in a weak state. He asks Genevieve why she is so kind to him and she says he never did anything to her and she can't help but pity him in his current state. She gives Klaus a brew made with magic and he drinks it willingly and Genevieve reveals that she will show him his sister's betrayal and that is how she will have her revenge against Rebekah. She shows him how Marcel and Rebekah snuck around behind his back and he already was aware of this and tells her if it's part of her plan to turn him against Rebekah it is ineffective. Genevieve says that is not even close to the full extent of their betrayal.

Genevieve later revealed that Klaus' fear of Rebekah and Marcel's love had led to them conspiring to get rid of him. He is shown that Rebekah had manipulated Genevieve into summoning Mikael. Klaus is greatly affected by this and screams to Genevieve that he has had enough of her lies. Genevieve says that he must have known that Rebekah was responsible for calling Mikael, or at least suspected and Klaus refuses to believe that Rebekah had taken everything he had accomplish away from him. Genevieve responds by saying that when she is done he will realize how wrong he is. Genevieve shows him more proof of what Rebekah did and this time he sees when Genevieve cast the spell that called on Mikael with his half-sister and Marcel present. During the ritual he sees Mikael's blade that went missing when Klaus was a boy and Mikael beat him half to death because he believed that he had stolen it, and he should have known that Rebekah had taken it as she was so kind to him the weeks after the beating. After the vision has ended he knows the truth and screams out Rebekah's name in anger. Genevieve also shows him how Rebekah killed her.

Genevieve apologizes for what she did and says it was necessary for him to see so he can take his and her revenge. She offers him her wrist so he can regain his strength and he accepts it. She then releases him and gives him Papa Tunde's Blade. Klaus speeds off and begins to search for Rebekah. When he finds her she claims that it isn't true and he wants to believe her, but her face tells a different story and she begins to run. Rebekah soon stops and Klaus comes down the stairs and reveals that he is no longer going to dagger her, he will use the blade on her and he describes what it's effects are, she tells him to do it. Klaus says that he is disappointed that she is not begging for mercy and forgiveness. Rebekah responds by saying that it won't do her any good and when Klaus asks how her father would look at her now, she attacked him and he threw her through a wall. Rebekah grabbed a metal bar and began to hit him with it but he easily defeated her and had her on her back. Marcel then came speeding in and Klaus threw him into a wall and was happy that he could kill him now. He tells Marcel that he will make Rebekah watch Marcel die and Rebekah claims that it was her idea to call Mikael and he turns to her and is about to stab her with the blade, but Elijah arrives and turns the blade on him and he is once again under the effects of the blade.

In Le Grand Guignol, Elijah removes the blade from Klaus' heart and asks Camille to look after him and slowly feed him her vervain laced blood, so he will recover slowly. When Camille asks him how he can hate his sister and he reveals that she has done something no one has done in over in a 1000 years; ripped his heart out. He begins to tell her that he allowed Marcel and Rebekah to be together and now realizes that he was a fool for not seeing their treachery, as they brought Mikael to town. Camille then assumes that he is consumed by revenge he will not achieve. Klaus responds to this by saying that he is not so sure because if they are going to run from him they will need a cloaking spell and for that they need a witch. Later, Klaus tries to get up but he is still weak and Camille stops him from doing so. After Camille makes a joke about him he tells Camille more of the story and reveals his relationship with Lana and it led to him getting tickets to the opera. Camille then says she is not surprised that he likes opera and he respond by saying that he has always had a softspot for the Le Guignol and says it reminds him of what happened in 1919.

When he pours himself a drink, Camille then enters the room and when she mentions Elijah's name Klaus tells her not to speak to him about Elijah. Camille says that Elijah loves him and he agrees with her, saying Elijah proves time and again, even when Mikael enlisted Elijah to kill him. Klaus tells Camille that Mikael came to Elijah and wanted him to help Mikael to kill Klaus. Camille then interrupted him by asking him why he says kill when he is immortal and can't be killed, and Klaus reveals that he can be killed and Mikael had the one thing that could kill them; the White Oak Stake.

He continues to tell the story and tells Camille that Elijah refused Mikael's offer and said he would always stand by his brother and as a reward Mikael stabbed him with a piece of wood. Klaus says that Elijah often felt guilt for not stopping Mikael and Klaus would tell him not to blame himself. Klaus then received a text saying that Rebekah and Marcel have been seen in town. He then breaks a statue and pools out a stake. Camille asks what it is and he reveals that it is his own White Oak Stake. Klaus is later feeding on a guy and Camille comes out to ask him what he is doing and he reveals that he is going to kill Rebekah. Camille then tells him not to kill his sister because if he does he will be filled with guilt and he won't survive it. Klaus responds by saying that he almost didn't survive Rebekah bringing Mikael down on him. Camille then tells him not to hunt down and terrorize Rebekah and Marcel, like he was terrorize, because if he does it he will become his father. Klaus then says he has been called many shades of monster but that was new and he says that Mikael was the monster that monsters was afraid of. He then grabbed her to show her something. He brought her to the location of the opera that burned down in 1919 and reveals that it was the work of Mikael. He tells her how Mikael sat behind him with his stake aimed for his heart and when Klaus said that if Mikael killed him he would fall proud of what he had achieved. Mikael then agreed with what he said and revealed that after he killed him, he would kill everyone that remembers his name. Then as the show started it showed that Mikael had compelled the audience to applaud to what they where seeing; Lana impaled on the scene and Marcel chained to a x. Klaus reveals that he tried to save Marcel but Mikael stopped him and Rebekah intervened and Klaus says he believed that she was trying to save him all those years, and now realizes that it was Marcel she tried to save. He continues to tell Camille the story and Elijah came to help them and together they ran and as they fled Mikael burned the opera to the ground along with Marcel they assumed. He says he lived but all that they built died as did the last shred of him that felt human and says that is what Mikael took from him that night. Klaus then assured Camille that he was not going to terrorize Rebekah and Marcel for centuries, nor will he torment, humiliate or dehumanize them, he will just end them. Klaus then speeds away before Camille can respond.

Klaus enters the cemetery and he screams for Rebekah much like Mikael screamed for him when they where leaving the city. He found his sister with Elijah and he told him to get away from Rebekah because she is his. He then puts his Hybrid face on and Elijah and Rebekah did the same.

In Farewell to Storyville, he is in the cemetery with Elijah and Rebekah. He holds a hearing for Rebekah and she confesses what she did in 1919. He shows anger and goes after her when he possibly can. Elijah defends Rebekah and tells him what Mikael also did to them besides Klaus. Klaus stabs Elijah with the blade and then goes after Rebekah. He confronts her again and she tells him the truth. He shows sadness and stabs Rebekah with the White Oak Stake. Revealing that he missed her heart, he asks her what she wants. She tells him she wants what she always has: a family and a home, and he exiles her from New Orleans and lets her live her life. He shows great sadness at her leaving though.

In Moon Over Bourbon Street, after a month, he and Genevieve have become lovers. Elijah isn't happy with this relationship. He asks Klaus if he has forgotten that Genevieve tortured their sister and as a result she is now gone forever. Klaus responds that Rebekah harbored the desire to leave for quite some time. Elijah tells him that he should stop his ridiculous behavior and channel it into some action. He wanted to become king and now he must accept the responsibilities that come with that. Klaus clearly isn't interested. Elijah wonders what will become of his daughter if it so easy for him to abandon his home. Klaus is not happy with this remark. Elijah asks him if he has forgotten what it was like to live under the threat of violence. They must work together and make the city whole again. Klaus tells him that maybe the city is too broken to mend. Elijah tells him that if he will not do anything, Elijah will do it in stead.

Elijah wants to make a peace treaty involving all the factions. Klaus gives him some advice, Elijah should start with the werewolves if he wants peace. And if bringing everyone at the table is the problem, then he should just remove the table and throw a party. Elijah agrees and invites all the factions to a party at their home. Klaus attends to the party. He takes a specific interest in Jackson. He tells Jackson that his mother made a moonlight ring for his biological father that prevented him from turning. He could then access all the power he had as a wolf in his human form. Klaus tells Jackson he wants to give the werewolves rings like this so that they are strong enough to protect his unborn daughter. Vampires aren't loyal, werewolves however are. Family is very important to them and he wants the safety of that loyalty for his unborn daughter. Later Elijah wants Klaus to sign the peace treaty. Klaus however thinks the treaty will fail. At the end of the episode he's smiling as he looks at a painting he just made, the city of New Orleans with a full moon.

In The Big Uneasy, Klaus is seen painting Genevieve in the nude and then complaining to Elijah about the racket happening outside. Klaus is also trying to form alliances with the werewolves and the witches. He also asks Oliver to find Cary, which he does, and he asks Cary what stone the ring housed and to find out what it was. He is confronted by Genevieve about Esther's grimoire and he tells her that she doesn't have leverage over him. He comes to the witches' ceremony and presents Davina with a gift, for which she does refuse, and he apologizes for what he did to Tim, and she later accepts. She sees that it is a page from Esther's grimoire about how to make daylight rings. He then shows Genevieve the hands of the witch he cut off and she then tells him she was thinking about taking the hex off Kieran, but she changes her mind. He and Elijah also get into a fight, which ends with Klaus looking troubled. He later tells Cami that Genevieve won't take off the hex and that he will kill Marcel if he sees him.

In An Unblinking Death, he is seen looking for his mother's grimoire, but Elijah has put in a place where he can't find it since he knows about the alliances Klaus is trying to put together. He gets a call from Marcel about Kieran, and he goes over to the church. He then turns Kieran for Camille, but unfortunately he has to kill because the hex and the vampire lust took control and he has to save Camille, then he takes Camille to her home and calls Marcel to accompany her. He allows Marcel to come back for Kieran's funeral. He is then also given the grimoire by Elijah.

In A Closer Walk With Thee, Klaus is having a nightmare of being at Kieran's funeral and sees his daughter, unfortunately he is staked through the chest by Mikael. He wakes up and he later goes to Rousseau's. He is drinking a lot and tells Elijah that he has been dreaming about their father. Elijah is shocked and tells him that he has been doing the same thing. Klaus makes a call to Bonnie and she tells him the Other Side is falling apart. He attends the funeral with Elijah and Hayley as well. After Hayley briefly dies, he wants the baby to get out of her, but Genevieve tells him it will kill Hayley. He later confronts Marcel and he expects nothing less from him when Marcel tells him he'll fight till he's dead.

In The Battle of New Orleans, Klaus shows Genevieve the spell required to create the moonlight rings and tells her of the changes he wants made to them. He then promises her that, in exchange for her allegiance, he will give her his mother's spell book and protect her from all her enemies. When Marcel snatches Jackson and Oliver as they arrived with the black kyanite stones needed for the spell, Klaus deduces from Genevieve's inability to locate them that Marcel had a cloaking spell around him. Klaus threatens Davina (who cast the spell for Marcel) by bitting Josh into telling him where Marcel is. He heads to the warehouse where he and Elijah find Jackson bound to a chair tied to explosives.

A timer makes them go off as Marcel's revenge for Thierry's death but all three make it out alive. They return to the compound where Genevieve tells Klaus that she needs something to bind the spell, ideally another wolf who can control his transformation and Klaus offers his blood. Klaus also reveals that he had a Plan B: he had asked Francesca Correa to find black kyanite for them as a backup. As Genevieve performs the spell, Marcel and his vampires attack the compound. Marcel draws Klaus away and the two fight, while Elijah holds off the whole vampire army on his own. Klaus bites Marcel to kill him but at that moment, the werewolves call on the stones to prevent their transformation and drain Klaus of his strength. Marcel escapes and Genevieve later finds a weakened Klaus and tells him what she did: that the stones drew their power from him and that he would now be weak and in pain every time a werewolf drew on them to prevent their turn. She then knocks him out with magic. Klaus later wanders aimlessly through the streets of New Orleans until he hears Hayley's screams coming from St. Anne's Church. He realizing that Hayley and his child are in danger, Klaus screams up to the sky in anger.

In From a Cradle to a Grave, Klaus is first seen in a flashback with Hayley, in which she allows Klaus to feel the baby kick. In present time Klaus arrives at St. Anne's Church and tries to save Hayley and the baby from the witches, but in the process he gets pinned to the wall by magic. Klaus remains pinned to the wall as Hayley gives birth to his daughter. He watches in shock as Hayley bleeds to death after her throat is slit. Klaus shouts out in anger as the witches leave with the baby, he gets his neck snapped and he drops to the floor. Elijah finds a devastated Klaus with Hayley in his lap, and Klaus says to Elijah that Hayley is gone. Klaus heals Elijah of his werewolf bites, he explains what has happened and they leave to go save the baby.

While in the cemetery Klaus and Elijah have a heart to heart about Hayley, and they continue their search for the baby even though the witches have put up a spell to form an illusion so they can't locate the witches whereabouts. Hayley shows up at the cemetery in transition. Klaus explains that she died with the baby's blood in her system and now she is transitioning into a hybrid. Klaus, Hayley and Elijah find the witches as the sacrifice begins. In the battle to save the baby from the witches Klaus kills Abigail but it is Marcel who rescues the baby.

Klaus follows Marcel and heals him of his werewolf bite as he saved his daughter. Klaus is later seen backing up Hayley's decision to send their daughter away to keep her safe as New Orleans is too dangerous for the baby to stay, (for now). Klaus suggests they fake the baby's death to keep her safe. Camille visits Klaus believing the baby is dead and he tells her they can't be friends anymore as he doesn't want to ruin her. Klaus is seen talking to Elijah and tells him to take their families mourning public to keep up the ruse. Klaus then takes the baby to a deserted area where he meets Rebekah. Klaus gives an emotional farewell speech to his daughter before handing her to Rebekah. Klaus knows that Rebekah will keep his daughter safe and he tells her that he trusts her with his daughter's life. Before Rebekah leaves she tells him that she will make his daughter happy and she asks Klaus the baby's name. Klaus says her name is Hope. He cries as he watches Rebekah leave with Hope.

Season 2

In Rebirth, Klaus is first seen setting up a canvas, preparing to paint. He accidentally rips it and angrily throws it, as soon as Elijah enters the room. Klaus talks about not doing anything and says he needs to spill blood. Elijah informs him that the remaining twelve moonlight rings have been found. Klaus then leaves, hunting for the rings. He pays Marcel a visit and asks him to assist him in taking the rings. Marcel agrees to help and brings Joe Dalton with him. Afterwards, Klaus returns to the compound to inform Elijah of their plan. Eventually him, Elijah and Hayley attack the Guerrera Mansion. Klaus kills a few werewolves and saves their blood, painting with it the next day at the family mansion.

Klaus and Elijah begin destroying the stones used in the moonlight rings. However, they realize that a witch crafted them and only elements can destroy them. Later on, he talks to Hayley about being a hybrid. Hayley expresses sadness, but Klaus lightens her up by calling her a queen. He then comfortably squeezes Hayley's hand and tells her that they can defeat their enemies by working together.

In Alive and Kicking, Klaus tells Elijah about a witch hunt him and Hayley went on. Elijah scolds him for his actions, but Klaus says he's helping her. Later on, Klaus and Hayley head out to the Bayou in search of werewolves. Eventually they find Oliver and many other werewolves. Klaus threatens him, but Hayley stops him, not wanting a fight. Oliver then insults Hayley and Klaus slams him on the ground. Eventually, the two leave, Klaus saying he's going to find a witch and "educate" her.

Klaus is seen at the cemetery talking to Cassie (who was being possessed by Esther at the time) and having tea with her. He comments on the tea, saying his mother made it and he disliked it. Klaus them proceeds to tell Cassie how terrible and insane Esther was. Cassie stops him and questions him, but Klaus is offended, as she called him by his full name. He threatens to kill the werewolves in the room and leaves enraged. When he returns to the compound he tells Elijah that he studied her and figured out it was their mother. He says he is going to kill her. However, Elijah reveals that Mikael, their father is still alive and Klaus asks who they should decide to kill first.

In Every Mother's Son, Klaus and Elijah have dinner with their mother and brother. It is revealed that Esther was responsible for Klaus being weak in his human life.

In Live and Let Die, Klaus begins to spend time with Cami again.

In Red Door, Klaus reunites with Kol. Klaus and Mikael have a showdown. Klaus is almost killed in the struggle as Mikael stakes him with the white oak stake. Kol and Davina manage to make the white oak stake temporarily powerless. Cami manages to pull the stake out of Klaus while Mikael is distracted. Hayley and Marcel come to Klaus' aid and Mikael disappears.

In Wheel Inside the Wheel,

In Chasing the Devil's Tail,

In The Brothers That Care Forgot,

In The Map of Moments, Klaus is reunited with his daughter. He spends time with his family and he says he wishes it doesn't have to be like this. He later devises a plan with Rebekah and Kol to get rid of Esther.

In Gonna Set Your Flag On Fire, Klaus and Hayley return home to unite the vampires and werewolves.

In Brotherhood of the Damned,

In Sanctuary, Klaus and Hayley argue over whether to tell Jackson that Hope is still alive. To prevent Hayley from trying to stop him, he snaps Hayley's neck and he goes to kill Jackson. Klaus doesn't trust Jackson and he beats Jackson to a pulp but he is prevented from killing him by Hayley. Klaus decides to trust Hayley's judgment on Jackson and he agrees to let her tell Jackson about Hope.

In The Devil is Damned,

In I Love You, Klaus arranges for Hope to come home. He attends the wedding where he plans on killing Jackson. He changes his mind and he introduces Hope to everyone. He then goes to a dying Kol's side.

In They All Asked For You,

In Save My Soul,