He will know suffering beyond his darkest fears. I have plans for you, American.
~ Dragovich after capturing Alex Mason.

Major General Nikita Dragovich (Russian: Никита Драгович) is the main antagonist of Call of Duty: Black Ops. In 1914, Dragovich was born in Volgograd (which was then called Tsaritsyn).

Life During World War II

During the battle of Stalingrad, Dragovich left Reznov to die instead of bringing reinforcements. After the war was over, Dragovich found out there was a failed use of V2 rockets with the poisonous Nova 6 and he launched Operation Olympus to capture Friedrich Steiner. Sgt. Viktor Reznov, Dimitri Petrenko and other Russians were sent to capture the German doctor. Shortly after being shown the Nova 6 missiles, Dragovich tests the poison on and kills Petrenko and two others in a gas chamber. The Russian commander flees with Steiner as the British arrived to claim the gas for themselves. Though Reznov destroyed the gas, Dragovich and his henchmen could easily reproduce the gas.

The Cold War

16 years later, Dragovich became very powerful and even allied with Fidel Castro in Cuba. He also detained a man named Alex Mason with the help of Lev Kravchenko, his right-hand man. In Vorkuta, Steiner cursed Mason with numbers sequences that were used to turn him into a Russian sleeper agent. Dragovich planned to use him to assassinate JFK, but Reznov interrupted the programming so that Mason would hunt down Steiner, Kravchenko and Dragovich instead. During the Russian Space Program, Dragovich was overseeing the launch of two Soyuz rockets. As the operation went wrong, Dragovich was escaping in his limo, but it was blown up. Dragovich was still lucky. In Laos, Dragovich and his men captured a SOG team consisting of Mason, Frank Woods, Bowman and "Reznov". Later, Mason and Hudson race to the Rusalka to stop the numbers broadcast from going into effect and wiping out the United States. After the ship was hit, Mason and Hudson go to confront Dragovich personally. Suddenly, the numbers station began to flood and Dragovich prepared to kill his failed subject. In a rage, Mason got his revenge and killed his enemy by choking and drowning him to death; however, before dying, Dragovich hinted at the fact that Mason's programming was still in effect.

Killed Victims

  • Dimitri Petrenko (Caused)
  • John F. Kennedy (Possibly Caused) 
  • Numerous counts of unnamed people (Caused and Direct)